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Author: Roslyn
Published: 23 Nov 2021

FDA Communication Security Policy

The National Institutes of Standards and Technology and Office of Management and Budget guidance have security controls in place to protect your data. Email is not necessarily secure against intercept. If your communication is sensitive, or if it contains personal information, you can send it by postal mail.

A Note on Cookies in the Internet and Other Department Websites

You can either opt out or disabling cookies in your browser if you don't want cookies on your machine. You will still have access to the information at the websites. Some Department websites may be affected by turning off cookies. If you disabling cookies in your browser, you will affect cookie usage on other websites as well.

Same-Origin Policy for JavaScript and Other Web Technologies

The same-origin policy is an important security cornerstone and all modern browsers implement it. The policies are not required to match an exact specification but are often extended to define roughly compatible security boundaries for other web technologies, such as Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Acrobat, or mechanisms other than direct DOM manipulation. The bank site owners would expect that browsers would not allow the code from the malicious site to access the banking session, and that users would not be able to authorize themselves.

JavaScript can still send and receive requests to the banking site with the banking site's session cookie, even though it has no direct access to the banking session cookie. The assumption was that most users would choose to use compliant browsers, so the requirement for Same Origin Policy was introduced. The policy does not deny writing.

CSRF protections are required by the target sites to counter the abuse of the write permission. Since the same-origin policy is not applicable, a page can use a resource that returns a JSONP payload to get data from a different domain. The internal JSON payload is wrapped by a function call.

The designated function will be invoked when the script resource is loaded. The same-origin policy will not be applied to the script that connects to a WebSocket address. They know when a WebSocket URI is used and can add an Origin: headers to the request.

The WebSocket server must compare the datagainst a whitelist of origins to ensure cross-site security. The host name check can be partly subverted by certain types of attacks, such as the rebinding of the internet's main gateway, and the ability to interact with websites through addresses other than their true, canonical origin. The impact of such attacks is limited to very specific scenarios, since the browser still believes that it is interacting with the attacker's site, and therefore does not disclose third-party cookies or other sensitive information to the attacker.

WordPress.org - Non-Lept and No-Sell Potentially Personally-Identifying Information

It is not possible forWordPress.org to rent or sell potentially personally-identifying information to anyone. If you give permission to have your information shared, or if you agree with the beliefs of the person who is giving it, thenWordPress.org will not disclose potentially personally-identifying and personally-identifying information.

The noreferrer link relation is written without a dash. The referrer policy should be written with a dash, if you specify it in the document.

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