What Is Webpage Handoff?


Author: Artie
Published: 5 Nov 2021

The App Switcher

The app switcher has a button at the bottom of the screen. The associated app and document will open once the button is touched, and the app that is available for handoff will be shown.

Messages on the iPad and Mac

If you were to compose an email on your phone, only to decide you wanted to finish it on an iPad or Mac, you would have to save it to your drafts. You would need to wait for it to sync to your online account, then return to your device, where you can pick up where you left off. All changes with the new operating system.

You can answer and talk on your iPad if you want, as if you were on your phone. You can place calls from your iPad using the "Audio" pane of the app, or you can tap on a phone number in the Contacts app. The ability to reply to and compose text messages from your iPad and Mac is one of the features of Apple's Continuity initiative, but it doesn't appear to be ready yet as Apple's website states.

Handoff for Continuity between Written and Writed Content

You have an Apple device like an iPad or an Apple Watch. Handoff can be used if you want to continue one device while you continue on another. Continuity between written and written content can be maintained with many of the Apple stock apps.

If you open Mail on your desktop and start writing a new message, you can then open it on your other device, such as an iPad or an iPhone. Write the message and then send it. If you want to start a new message, open an existing one.

Handoff Activity in Document Based Apps

The app can choose to support Handoff if it is document based. Developers should know which activity can be handed off. Continuity best practices include avoiding transferring large amount of data, ensuring different versions of the app work well on different platforms, and saving the activity object before updating the Handoff activity state.

Object creation and activity continued in web browsers

You can create an object and specify a property. Use an activity type that is specific to your app. If there is no app on the mac that supports that activity type, then it will be picked up by the browser. When no suitable application is installed on a resuming device, the specified webpage is loaded and the user activity is continued in a web browser.

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