What Is Technology Park?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 4 Dec 2021

Science parks: a hub for innovation and commercialisation of technology

The global knowledge economy uses science parks as part of its infrastructure. They provide locations that foster innovation and the development and commercialisation of technology. The developers work in fields such as information technology.

There are a number of shared resources in science parks, such as incubators, programs and collaboration activities, uninterruptible power supply, reception and security, management offices, bank offices, convention center, parking, and internal transportation. Science parks aim to bring together people who help the developers of technology to bring their work to commercial fruition, for example, experts intellectual property law. They can be attractive to students at universities who may interact with prospective employers and encourage them to stay in the area.

Science parks are more planned and managed than high-tech business districts. They lead to products from research, unlike science centers. They are different from industrial parks which focus on manufacturing and business parks which focus on administration.

Science and Technology Parks

What is a park for science and technology? The first science and technology park was created on the campus of the university. The Silicon Valley area has become a global centre of technology, finance, education and research.

The high-tech cluster phenomenon has captured the imagination of public policy makers. Hundreds of similar high-tech clusters have been created in various parts of the world, and their numbers continue to grow as the cluster formation is increasingly adopted as an important economic development tool and as an integrated part of the national or regional innovation system. The cluster is attractive because of a lot of reasons.

It catalyses economic transformation, drives growth, enhances stability and looks a good bet for economic success. In terms of size, parks range from those which are essentially city centre incubators to large tracts of urban or suburban land which not only offer incubation space, but also accommodation for companies at different stages of maturity. Some technologies are focused one technology while others are all about one technology.

Technology Park Bentley

Technology Park Bentley is located in Perth, Western Australia and is home to more than 100 organizations. Tenants include the University of the Frasers, Pfizer, and NEC.

Research to Startup: A New Pathway towards Intellectual Property Commercialization

The Research to Startup program is designed to support the research community in the country by providing a pathway to commercialization of intellectual property with high commercial potential.

Social Media as a Marketing Channel: The Flying Shard Art Exhibit in Los Angeles

Social media provides benefits of its own. It can be used as a marketing and promotion channel. Visitors encourage their friends and followers to join on the fun by sharing their photos and comments about the great time they are having.

Even if someone is unable to go to the park, the seed of a future park-goer has been planted. The Flying Shard art exhibit in Los Angeles is a great example. Social equity can be brought to the park system through technology.

The computer banks in the senior centers can teach valuable skills to the less well-off. In parts of the community where internet is not available, free wi-fi can be found in neighborhood parks. The systems described below are being made available in multiple languages and are being refined to put physically or emotionally challenged children at the center of play.

Towards the Development of High-Performance Software Applications

The development is designed to boost economic development and job creation by providing entrepreneurs, researchers, startup and high-performing IT companies with the resources to bring their products and services to market efficiently and effectively.

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