What Is Technology Agnostic?


Author: Albert
Published: 18 Nov 2021

e-commerce: an easy way to create and run websites without using server

It is ideal for beginners or non-tech users to create and run a simple website using any available theme. There are thousands of free and paid tools to help you. It is used for websites with a lot of products and content.

It is more suitable for developers who are not afraid to work with server than it is for developers who are more afraid of using server. It is recommended for businesses who use their own developers, because it is one of the more robust e-commerce solutions, and requires a good knowledge of coding. It also gives you flexibility in controlling the design, content, andFunctionality of your store with added tools.

Why Do Software Developers Choose the Most Appropriate Technology?

A person who does not have a specific religion is called an Adherent. Software developers do not prefer specific technology. The developers are free to use the most appropriate technological solution for each solution.

There is no one size fits all solution due to the complexity of systems, applications and customer interactions. Vendors have the ideal solution no matter how hard they shout. It is not a reality.

If you're building a house, it's normal to buy your kitchen and sofa from the furniture store. Why? A contractor does not know anything about sofas.

One of the most popular development tools for small companies is Wordpress. It looks like you can use the open-source plugins to develop technology based on your own preferences. You can find a third party that has developed a solution for each application.

You can choose technology that is readily available. Asking your contractor to design, build, and decorate your sofa is the same. You can get something, but you have to decide if you want to.

What is the point of examining what you are doing?

You have to make sure that your team is able to look beyond the technology that is being applied. It is important to question why and when it makes sense to do so.

Competing Languages: The Cost of Learning a Solution

Consider a scenario where your team is working on a suite of applications to support your business. During the discovery phase of your new application, you realize that the best solution is in a competing language. The cost of training, supporting and maintaining two different languages may outweigh the value that would be received from selecting the best solution. The best solution is Java-based, but it is priced much higher than the value your decision-maker is willing to pay.

Agile Software Architectures

A truly Agile system will be changing often and will only work with an architecture that can accommodate a high rate of change, according to some. At the very least, it means at least a level of isolation and abstraction for Microservices. A traditional app structure will be brittle, take a long time to build, and not fit in with the practices of Agile software development.

Consumerization Trend in Mobile Applications

The IT consumerization trend is pushing organizations to allow employees to use their own mobile devices at work, which is a major issue in mobile application development. In a situation where software and systems can work across heterogeneous devices, it helps prevent demands for support. The consumerization trend is increasing along with the device agnosticism trend.

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