What Is Technology Age?


Author: Lisa
Published: 14 Nov 2021

The Age Mechanism

A Technology age is a part of the Technology tree. The technologies that are accessible within an age are determined by a number of technologies discovered. The age mechanism is designed to prevent a civilization from bee-lining to a critical technology but instead to consider a more nuanced strategy.

Conscious-Technology Age: A Synthesis of Mystics and Technocrat

Conscious-technology will make us confront questions about life. All ages and cultures have had mystics who have been interested in consciousness and the meaning of life, as well as technocrats who have been interested in developing technology to improve the future. The representatives of each viewpoint are isolated from each other and prejudiced towards each other in all cultures. The attitudes of mystics and technocrats should be merged to improve the quality of the Conscious- Technology Age.

The Military Needs for Technological Innovation

People will not be prepared to devote resources to technological innovation if the sense of social need is strongly felt. A more efficient cutting tool, a more powerful lifting device, a labour-saving machine, or a new source of energy are all possibilities. Military needs have always provided a boost to technological innovation, and that may be why it is required for better weapons.

Alcove: A Virtual Senior Center

At a time when the global population of older adults is growing rapidly, technology is fundamentally changing the experience of aging. The number of people who are 60 and up is projected to grow by 50% to over one billion by the year 2030. The count is expected to rise to 2.1 billion by the year 2050.

Tech can help distant family members keep an eye on elderly relatives. Home-security systems can help people keep a closer eye on their loved ones. Smart watches can be used to monitor people for safety, with heart-rate tracking and fall detection capabilities.

If the emergency services are unable to respond to the messages on the smartwatch, it could sense that the user has fallen and alert them. Virtual reality can help users meet and immerse themselves in the same environments and experiences, which can be a great way to take the communal experience to the next level. The virtual reality platform Alcove from the AARP Innovation Labs is designed to bring family members from all over to join one another in a virtual living room.

Participants can watch a movie together, peruse family photos on the virtual walls, or even travel together. Content is important. The Virtual Senior Center gives access to popular websites that are popular with older people, such as chair yoga and card games.

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