What Is Technological Determinism?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 22 Nov 2021

Technological Determinism

determinism is a theory of technology and society that is often split into technological and social determinism. Technological determinists believe that technology has a major influence on society. The theory of technological determinism assumes that the technology of a society stimulates the social and cultural values of the society in question.

determinists suggest that technology develops away from the social values of the society. New and improved methods of producing goods are referred to as technological progress. Changes in technology increase productivity.

Technology and Society

The relationship between the society and technology is formed by technological determinism. It is an important issue since it is common and it leaves us with the belief that technology is not impossible. It is assumed that if people, organizations and societies start viewing technology from a positive angle, other organs from the society and organizations will follow suit.

It is rejected by most scientists who would like to look into ways in which technology can be socially shaped. telecommuting allows employees to mix work and family life, which is a good thing. It also has an advantage on the side of employers since they don't have to deal with employee absence and telecommuting makes them more satisfied with their work.

The media is a means of entertainment through the use of video games, watching movies or films, browsing the internet, and so on. The internet has an arena for more information. Nuclear weapons can be examples of weapons that do not bring positive benefits since they have been developed continuously.

Technology can affect the fields of science and engineering. Science uses the available tools and knowledge to study electrons in electrical conductors. Engineers can use the acquired new knowledge to come up with new inventions such as computers and advanced technology.

The field of journalism has been enhanced through the invention of moving images and audio, and editing can be done in fields since production is possible during field researches. The factors of economy are what make technological determinism happen. Military competition has factors of economy.

Technological Determinism and Social Democracy

Strict followers of technological determinism do not believe that the influence of technology is determined by how much a technology can be used. Technology is seen as the basis for all human activity by technological determinism. Hard determinism can be compared with soft determinism.

A compatibilist says that it is possible for free will and determinism to exist in the world, while an incompatibilist says that they can't. Those who support determinism can be divided. Those who subscribe to the belief of social determinism are opposed to technological determinism.

Social determinists believe that social circumstances alone pick which technologies are adopted, and that no technology can be considered "inevitable" solely on its own merits. Technology and culture are not neutral and when knowledge comes into the equation, technology becomes implicated in social processes. Knowledge of how to use technology and how to create technology is socially bound.

Value Sensitive Design: A Methodology for Investigating the Operation of Moral Principle

The different positions of women in relation to technology and the specific characteristics of each technology are emphasized in current theory and research. While maintaining that male interests have structured profoundly the form of technologies that have become available, neither men nor the technologies are treated as a single group. The approach of value sensitive design is not concerned with the identification and evaluation of values in computer systems, but with the development of methods for incorporating values into the design process.

It is an approach to software engineering and systems development that builds on values in design approaches and studies how accepted moral values can be operationalized and incorporated into software and systems. The methodology integrates conceptual investigations into values, empirical investigations into practices, beliefs and intentions of users and designers, and technical investigations into the way in which technological properties and mechanisms support or hinder the realization of values. It seeks procedures to balance the values of different stakeholders in the design process.

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