What Is Social Media Storytelling?


Author: Artie
Published: 23 Nov 2021

How to Communicate with Your Customers on Social Media

If you are a book lover, you will find new books and read them. You must have a favorite author that you will not hesitate to buy and read. Stories can be found in other places.

They are a universal language that everyone can understand. They appear in every form of communication. To make the audience feel involved with your story and to communicate with them on social media, you need to create content that they can relate to, update regularly, and share their stories, not just yours.

You can show sneak peeks of your daily life hustle on social media. Share videos of your customers sharing their stories and how your brand is a game-changer in that. You can partner with other people in your industry to share their life stories for inspiration.

A Story About Your Product or Service

Social media is a way to tell a story and get attention. There are many ways to share your story on social media. A good story has a beginning, middle and end.

It is clear, has a point, and makes it easy for the person to follow along with the story. The audience should connect with the story on a number of levels. A 5 act structure is a useful way to create an effective story in social media.

The story could be about your target user. How much better will their life be if they use your product? A story about a better life with a happy ending can get them to buy quickly.

Your UVP makes it clear why they should do business with you. Think of the formula for the problem and situation. Show your product works in a way that no one else can.

How to Make Your Brand Sense?

Your brand is a matter of perception. A person's feelings about your brand can affect their purchase of your product. When you tell a story that embodies human challenges, you create an experience that is relevant to customers.

Blasts are not Social Storyteller

Sending out blast notifications for sales promotions on social media platforms is not a form of social storytelling. Sales promotion blasts do not stir up the imagination of consumers.

What is Your Main Character's Goal?

A good book has a goal that the main character wants to or needs to fulfill. You can find your goal in your business plan. Writers have two types of goals for their Main Character: internal and external.

Analyze your business plan. What is the main goal of your business? Do you want to get more leads?

Tide's Clean Clean Social Media Account is a Positive Tool for Building an Effective Social Presence

Apple has a reputation for effective marketing strategies. You might think that a peek at their social mediaccounts would lead you to a bunch of sleek and heavily-styled photos of their products, but that is not the case. Tide could dedicate all of their marketing messages to how well they clean.

The brand knows that an emotional appeal is more effective than a written appeal. They use their social media accounts to encourage their followers to get up, get moving, and improve themselves, rather than simply promoting their products. The result is a social presence that is very stimulating.

Tide: Giving Back to Others

The goal of social media is to tell stories. It has to be relevant to your audience. You want to increase your brand awareness.

Your customers will remember your company by how you tell it. Tide launched the Loads of Hope campaign as a way of giving back to others while also providing emotional engagement to their audience. The campaign is a program where they give away loads of laundry to people in need after a disaster.

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