What Is Social Media Site Gab?


Author: Lisa
Published: 4 Nov 2021

Gab: A Social Media Platform After the Capitol Attack

Gab, an alternative social media network popular with conservatives, the alt-right and some extremists, is surging in popularity after conservative social network Parler was effectively taken off the internet in the wake of the January 6 Capitol siege. The platform looks like a mix of two social media sites and users can post up to 300 characters. Gab does not feature moderation of the content users post.

Some of the conservative voices banned from more mainstream social media platforms are also on the controversial messaging app. Gab has been online despite attempts from Big Tech companies. The platform was welcomed by Epik in the year of 2018, and now its site is under the same domain.

The Anti-Defamation League wants a criminal investigation into whether Gab aided or helped those who attacked the Capitol. Gab claims that the ADL is targeting it because it is still up and running. Hate speech is protected by the First Amendment of the US Constitution, according to Torba.

Gab, the Birth of a Site for Anti-Demonstration and Freedom

Gab was founded in 2016 as an alternative social platform to Facebook and Twitter. At a time when mainstream sites began to crack down on misinformation, the founder of the site wanted to build a place where users could post without moderation. The debate about how social media services can radicalize and provide platforms to those seeking to carry out violence has been reignited after the pro-Trump extremists violently invaded the US Capitol last week.

The rioters were able to organize for weeks on social media. The site became a breeding ground for white supremacists, anti-Semites, and other users who were kicked off of mainstream tech platforms. The website claims to be committed to anyone who shares the same ideals of Western values, individual liberty, and the free exchange and flow of information, but far-right ideologies are what largely populates the small community.

It had over one million users in April 2020. Parler is offline after Amazon broke ties with the service, and the platform could stay down for up to a week. Parler has filed a lawsuit against Amazon, claiming that the e-retailer's ban was politically motivated and anti-competitive, since it didn't take similar action against the micro-messaging service.

Gab, a social media site that promotes free speech

The interest in Gab is related to the ban of President Donald Trump from the social media site. More social media users took an interest in Parler, a social mediapp that focuses on free speech.

Gab is a popular site for the far right. It said on the social networking site that there are more than 10 million visitors to the site.

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