What Is Social Media Footprint?


Author: Artie
Published: 9 Dec 2021

How to Use Social Media

Anything you put online will be there forever. Social media use and being online is something that you can avoid for the rest of your life, but there are ways that you can use them to build relationships with other people and institutions.

How Private is Your Social Media Footprint?

It's frightening that your social media footprint can be seen in your personal life. The details of your social media footprint can affect a lot of areas of your life. There is a permanent imprint of everything you do online, but not all of it is public. The public will be able to see the data on your social media sites as long as you leave it.

How to Protect Yourself on Facebook

A social media footprint is the trail that you leave behind when you use social media, and it's where you can find jobs, find friends, and find things to do. Many brands are starting to realize that they shared something in the past that they don't want others to see. A company that published a controversial photo while trying to attract more consumers.

Large brands with their hands in everything may find that they are too watered down to use social media effectively. Reebok recently deleted hundreds of Facebook pages because it was spreading itself too thin and not being able to give each one proper atttention. It is tempting to let the world see everything you do, but consider limiting who sees what.

You may want to limit your check-ins to a few of your closest friends on Facebook, as opposed to your hundreds of friends on Foursquare. On Facebook, you can limit the shareability of your content, remove tagged photos of yourself that may work against you, and hide the details of your profile so your page can't be found in a search. You want to limit access to anything that could get you in trouble later on, so that you can share beneficial information at your convenience.

If you've posted something in the past that can be reasonably interpreted as questionable, you'd better off hiding it or removing it completely. Unless the risk is acceptable, there's no need to allow the dissemination of data. You can simply watch what you say once you've set your limitations.

You should not post status updates that you will regret later. If you have doubts or are in a moment of anger, you should not post. Social media posts are about sharing emotions.

The Social Footprint Method

The way in which the Social Footprint Method measures performance against standards of performance is what distinguishes it from other reporting tools. The Social Footprint Method is the only way to produce true bottom-line measures of corporate socialsustainability using standards of performance as a guide. This not a CSR method.

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