What Is Social Media Doing To Stop Fake News?


Author: Richelle
Published: 16 Dec 2021

Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on The Laws and Practice'

The Utah Law Review supports the event. Emily Nuvan, a law student and co-organizer of the event, said that the topic is relevant for many participants from diverse fields.

The pandemic is coming to an end

POLITICO published an article about how social media giants fight the spread of fake news about Coronaviruses, but sadly said that the methods did not work well. People are more likely to be in panic as the outbreak of the Pandemic gets worse. There are official reports about symptoms of contracting coronaviruses and they were announced by the social media site.

They are working with the World Health Organization to share a video about precautions for the Pandemic. Some coronaviruses-related apps are being banned from the smartphone store by the search engine giant, and people who are looking to make money from the outbreak are being blocked from buying ads on its digital networks. Facebook has adjusted its methods to promote official accounts for its 2 billion users.

The Impact of Fake News on the Election

The impact of fake news on the election was argued to have been dramatic. The social media giant has changed the nature of American Democracy. The platform is a major source of political information for millions of Americans.

What More Can Social Media Companies Do to Stop the Spread of Terrorist Content?

Beyond retroactively removing fake news pages and accounts, what more can be done to stop the spread of misinformation? In November 2016 a status update was posted by the company detailing measures they were taking to improve their handling of fake news. It seems that automated content removal is the only way that social media companies can prevent the spread of misinformation. It is difficult to develop an artificial intelligence-based system that can effectively remove terrorist content from the internet, and it is likely to be even more difficult for such automated content removal systems to distinguish between legitimate news and fake news.

A Comment on "An Effective Approach to the Detection of Dark Matter"

Check before you share! Take the extra few seconds to look over the source or read the article in full to make sure the title reflects the content and that the site is legit.

Using Computer Code to Stop Fake News

There are several hurdles which prevent a relatively simple piece of software from being the silver bullet for fake news. Users have to be aware of false stories. They have to be aware of the extension and download it.

They have to trust the journalists at Le Monde. The software that runs social networks can push juicy false stories out to new people because of the way the Algorithms are used. Some programmers think computer code could be part of the solution.

First Draft is working with Facebook and Google to see if they could incorporate code to stop the spread of fake news. Wardle insists that tweaking is not like censorship. Humans and news stories are complicated by biases of the programmers who created them, and any automated method of fact checking risks reflecting those biases.

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