What Is Social Media Currency?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 7 Jan 2022

Post Industry-Specific Content to Foster Community Interests

You want to foster a community of people that are interested in the same things as you. To gain the right audience, post industry-specific content that would attract those that are interested in the same thing as you. Communication how similar you all are is important as your audience grows.

Building Strong Brands: The Role of Social Media

Experiences and accepting them are some of the things that make a brand. The process of building strong brands is very personal and social. Every company has a currency that is shared.

Social media is a new value proposition that may deliver huge dividends to brand owners who can appreciate its value and develop its extensive potential. According to the Incite Group, more than three-quarters of the information online is generated by individuals. Consumers have become the custodians of the value that brands enjoy.

Social Currency

Social currency is a term that is used in the context of social media, but also includes the idea of basic social interactions, both online and offline. Social currency is the value that people have built up in their interactions and their potential for success. Social currency is a vague term. It also covers aspects of a person's social life that allow them to succeed in personal interactions.

How to Look Good in Game Mechanics

People like knowing how their performance compares to others. By creating a form of Game Mechanics, customers can gain status by sharing or using your brand, and it makes them look good to others.

Social Influence: A Currency of the Social Web

Social influence is a key example of social currency. People can influence others through various means. They may share their content on social media in a way that attracts a following. People with larger groups of followers have more influence than people with smaller groups.

Social Currency: Building a Community around Brands

It is about creating a sense of community and by that a strong affiliation between customers, consumers and users of a brand. By adding to the customer conversation around the brand, social currency increases engagement with consumers and interaction with customers, and it gives access to information and knowledge which is being shared within the customer base. Users of a brand can grow personally by accessing new utility and also by developing their own identity in a peer group if they belong to a group. A strong attachment to a brand will be a core driver for advocating or defending the brand.

Social Currency: A Challenge for Small Brands

Social currency is an important aspect of a brand. A brand must focus on marketing and branding in order to make this investment. A lot of smaller brands haven't capitalized on it.

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