What Is Social Media Calendar?


Author: Loyd
Published: 1 Dec 2021

Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar is used to plan and schedule posts months in advance. Why? It gives the possibility to follow deadlines, analyze results, and contribute to an easy-going team.

You can use a software to create the calendar, or use paper form. Before you start posting on social media, you should conduct an evaluation to learn how to improve. Next, look at what you are doing right and see if you can change it for the better.

You should map out the most important information in your plan. There is no formula for a calendar. The right structure is what works best for you.

It would be great if there was one post per day. Aggressive posting can be done more than two times a day. It is important to keep posting at least three times a week.

The posting pattern on Facebook and the visual platform,Instagram, are similar. You can post from one to three times a day to get the best results. To maintain a good level of relevancy, it is recommended to post at least five times a day.

Airtable: A Social Media Content Calendar

Ensuring that quality remains high is achieved by having an effective social media content calendar. It allows you to keep track of performance, see what is working well, and what can be left behind. A well- structured content calendar is important in helping you stick to your social media strategy.

Without a goal, you can't score, so have your strategy in the back of your mind when building your weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly content calendar. You can plan now and watch the engagement roll in later if you get a visual of what your feed will look like. The tool is used for planning editorial calendar.

The media is presented beautifully on your Trello feed under the corresponding day. You can scroll through the calendar and move your content around as you please. Airtable is a tool that works in a way that is very different from a spreadsheet.

It is powerful enough to be used by marketers for social media management, task management, campaign planning, and tracking content creation. Their free plan is enough and packs a punch. The approval process can be difficult to comprehend if you have clients who are unfamiliar with the software.

Social Media Audit

Identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for new efforts will be made easier by a clear picture of your current social media efforts. An audit is a must for fine- tuning your content strategy.

Social Media Calendar for Creating themed content around big events

You can use the Social Media Calendar to create themed content around big events, like World Cancer Day or New York Fashion Week. You can show the Social Media Calendar on your calendar page by clicking on the filters at the top of the calendar page and then clicking on the box next to'show the Social Media Calendar'.

Time for the Data

Time is set aside to go over the data. You can refer to the tools on most social media networks. Both Buffer and Hootsuite have their own dashboards.

Mapping out a Social Media Calendar

You can use a table, spreadsheet, or calendar to map out a social media calendar. You can plan for the week ahead, the month, or even further. If you plan it in the long-term, you should periodically revisit your strategy and calendar.

Planning Your Social Media Calendar

A social media calendar is the secret weapon to boost your business online. It is the system your team uses to organize and streamline your social media content. Without a calendar, your social media feed can look pretty sparse.

You try to be strategic but you end up posting whenever you can. A social media calendar helps you plan and create content based on your goals. It is easier to create a balanced variety of posts that serve a specific purpose with an at-a-glance view of everything scheduled for your social channels.

Random cat videos are no longer being shared. There is a feed full of diverse, engaging and relevant content. People notice when businesses invest time, thought, and care in their content, just like they notice when businesses take time to put on a nice outfit before dinner.

Make sure you put in the extra few minutes to make sure your posts are up to date. Social media calendars help you plan out each piece of content, and they help you figure out the changes you need to make to make them equally successful on all your channels. It is worth the effort to make sure that the content is appreciated.

When you hit on a high-performing piece of content, look at it with your other top posts. If there are any similarities, check them out. Are they all funny?

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