What Is Social Media Activism?


Author: Artie
Published: 28 Nov 2021

Making a Difference on Social Media

Social change can be created with the help of activism. The push for social justice is being pushed by outrage over police brutality and systemic racism, which is pushing more people to become activists. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, activism is taking place over social media and the protests happening all over the country.

Difficult conversations and stories of those affected by violence are being shared on social media. Social media activism can be achieved through petitions and donations. You need to understand your role to make a lasting impact.

People who have been marginalized can make a difference by telling their stories, but allies must lift those voices up and avoid making activism all about them. Being willing to learn, knowing your role, and being persistent are all important in social media activism. Sharing petitions, contact information from legislatures, information about protests, and online donation funds are some of the other ways to make a difference.

How to build a Relationship with the World

Relationship is the key to having productive conversations. Social media activism posts can polarize people, which is not helping the cause. By having face-to-face conversations where tone and body language can be read, education and change can be achieved.

Social Media Action: The Role of the Internet in Social Justice

Critics have debated whether or not social media activism is an effective form of political and social engagement. Social media can be a public forum for discussion. Those who are excluded from spaces of access and privilege can use social media to engage in public and social debate.

Social media is a great way to communicate. Someone without access to politicians, world leaders, or other decision-makers can get their attention in seconds. Social media is accessible.

In-person organizing, door-knocking, and protesting in person are dangerous in a global Pandemic. Social media activism can be used to include people who are disabled, who work long hours, or who are otherwise unable to participate physically. Social media allows anyone to share information.

That can be a good thing or a bad thing. The spread of misinformation is a problem on social media. An inaccurate or misleading post can be shared thousands of times by people who are well-intentioned.

It is important to read through all the websites you share. Sharing resources on social media should be intentional. Refer back to the voices of the marginalized.

Social Media as a Tool to Promote and Influence Non-profits

Social media has the ability to create online spaces where people can come together and find support. The Arab Spring and the Wall Street protests show the global effect that can be achieved through the sharing of ideas online. Social media can be used to document protests, as well as organize them.

News outlets often use social media to find new information or imagery of current events, as nearly every social movement in the modern world is documented through social media. The Hong Kong protests of 2019) are one example of protesters using social media to spread their message and garner support for their cause. It is important to be aware that colleges and employers are also watching online personas, which is a way to use social media to network, facilitate awareness, and build conversations online.

People should always be aware of their decorum and professionalism, which can lend credibility to a conversation or movement. Partnering with a social media influencer who has a large following can greatly boost a message. A person with a larger audience taking a stance on an issue or promoting a cause may help reach target donor demographic to boost public awareness and perception of a nonprofit.

Social media can be used to spread awareness of the mission, needs, and sometimes even the existence of an issue. Social media can be used to share stories, narratives, and photos, which can be used to engage an audience by helping them understand. The work to create awareness helps build a community.

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