What Is Mallet Finger?


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Published: 6 Nov 2021

The Fingertip is Not Straightened

The fingertip cannot be straightened on its own, because it droops in a mallet finger. The finger is not always free. The finger may be swollen or bruised.

Mallet Fingers

Athletes are more likely to have a condition called a mallet finger. It can happen when you hit the tip of a finger on an object in the house.

The Active Range of Movements for the Finger Joint

The finger is kept in a straight static position with the help of a splint. The end joint should not bend. There is a

The middle finger is kept below the splint to support it and help it with the exercise. There is a The active range of movements are started after the splint is removed and the joints are gradually decreased in stiffness.

Finger X-rays

The finger is a sign of the diagnosis. Doctors will often order x-rays to see if a piece of bone is pulled away or if the joint is not aligned.

A Finger Splint

A temporary splint is worn for 8 weeks in order to facilitate healing in the finger. The solution for bone damage will be discussed at your appointment.

An X-ray and Radiographic Study of Mallet Finger Injury

A hard blow to the tendon is the cause of most mallet finger injuries, but sometimes a minor force can hurt the tendon. Older women are more likely to be injured when doing activities such as putting on socks or making a bed. An X-ray will show the extent of the injury, as well as the degree of alignment of the bone.

The bone fragments that may be involved are more sensitive to the scans. You wear a splint when showering. If you bend the finger, you can stretch out the tendon and have to repeat the healing process.

Finger Function in a Progressive Rehabilitation

If you wear a splint and rehabilitate with progressive exercises, you will have normal function of your finger.

Mallet Finger Injury Detection

The mallet finger is an athletic injury. Basketball and baseball players experience jammed fingers, but the injury can occur because of a crushing accident on the job or even because of a cut finger while working in the kitchen. If there is a chance of the finger being damaged, a hand specialist may be able to advise. If a cut has been repaired, you may need to have the sutures removed in 10 days.

Mallet Finger Surgery

There are three types of mallet injuries. The finger is damaged in one type. The bone has a small break in the second.

The third most severe type of injury causes a large bone break. The three types of injury cause pain, swelling and tenderness. If the bone injury is large or the damage to the tendon is significant, mallet finger surgery might be performed.

The Pain of the Mallet Finger

Sometimes an injury to the tendon in the thumb or finger can make it difficult to move that joint, but it is possible to do it with a thin tendon. The condition is called mallet finger. If you try to stop a ball with a mallet finger, it will hit the tip of your finger with great force.

The impact will make it difficult for you to straight it. You have to consider the severity of the injury before you can find a treatment. People don't seek medical advice even though the mallet finger causes serious pain.

You can still do different things with the rest of your hand. It is not a good idea to be pained when there are ways to make things simpler. If you have a mallet finger, you should look for certain symptoms, and if that is the case, you should talk to your doctor.

You can always take OTC and prescription pain killers to deal with the swelling and pain that comes with mallet finger injuries. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, you should talk to your doctor before taking any pain relief. It is important to remember that wearing a splint for a long time will irritate your skin, so you have to examine your skin regularly to notice any issues.

You should visit your doctor while you're recovering to make sure everything is okay. Your doctor will help you learn how to perform certain exercises after your finger heals completely, and you no longer need a splint. If the injury is large and involves joint damage, you may have to have a mallet finger surgery.

Hand Injury

If the injury was caused by a blow to the finger, or if it was less than a blow, you will not be able to fix it on your own. Dr. Yospur is able to help evaluate, diagnose, and treat hand problems after completing a fellowship in hand surgery at the Division of Hand Surgery at the Maricopa Integrated Health System in Phoenix.

Mallet Finger

A mallet finger is a piece of bone that is removed from the phalanx. It is a fractured finger because of the small piece of bone that was pulled off by your tendon. A mallet finger is painful because it broke.

The mallet finger of the phalanx

The mallet finger of the phalanx is described in an educational video. After sports related trauma, a condition called a mallet finger is often seen. Patients will present with a congenital abnormality of the interphalangeal joint.

Gradually, the movement in the tip of the finger can be increased. Medical treatment is required to ensure the finger regains function after an injury. The term mallet finger is used to describe the deformity caused by the terminal extensor mechanism being disrupted.

Finger Injury

Your doctor can see your finger. They will ask you what you were doing when you injured it. If there is a break in the bone, your doctor may order X-rays.

A.D - A Medical Emergency

If you don't wear the splint as you are told, you may have to wear it longer. Surgery is rarely needed. The plastic or aluminum you use for your splint is hard plastic.

A professional should make your splint to make sure it fits and that your finger is in the right position for healing. An ice pack can help with pain. For the first 2 days, apply the ice pack for 20 minutes every hour, then for 10 to 20 minutes, and finally for 10 to 20 minutes daily to reduce pain and swelling.

Your provider will look at how well your finger has healed when you remove your splint. If you have swelling in your finger when you are no longer wearing the splint, it may be a sign that the tendon has not healed yet. You may need to get a second x-ray.

The information provided should not be used for any medical diagnosis or treatment. A licensed physician should be consulted for all medical conditions. Call the emergency room if you have a medical emergency.

What to Expect After a Knee Replacement Surgery

An object hitting the tip of your finger or thumb can tear the extensor tendon. Sometimes, even a small incident like a bed sheet being tucked can cause a mallet finger. People who have a damaged knee can benefit from knee replacement surgery.

Extensor tendon injuries of the fingers and thumb

The fingers and thumbs are straightened by the extensor tendon. The force of a blow hitting the tip of the finger causes it to tear. The tendon can tear or pull, causing a lot of pain.

A mallet finger injury can be caused by physical labor in the form of warehouse work or construction. A crushing accident can cause serious injury to the finger, making recovery difficult. Treatment side effects are the most common cause of extensor tendon injuries.

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