What Is Mailjet?


Author: Artie
Published: 21 Nov 2021

Sendinblue: An Efficient Email Builder

Mailjet is a French web-based email marketing software. Mailjet's main goal is to simplify email delivery so customers focus more on promoting and developing their businesses. Mailjet email builder has a library of pre-made email templates that you can use to design an email newsletter.

You can simply drag and drop elements around and change colors, fonts, and so on, with the templates. You can personalize your emails based on your activity. You can show people what they have added to the cart if you nudging them.

Sendinblue is similar to Mailjet email marketing and is a reliable software that makes running email campaigns hassle-free. Sendinblue has a paid plan that starts at $25 per month. Sendinblue has a free version that can send up to 300 emails per day.

Constant Contact is a robust email marketing software that is better than Mailjet. Constant Contact has all the tools you need to run successful email campaigns. More than 150,000 companies use Mailjet, a powerful email software.

Mailjet: An SMTP Server for Marketing Emails

Mailjet is an email tool that helps users send marketing emails to a lot of people. It has several features that are user-friendly, like email tracking, and it has an SMTP server that can be used to send tons of emails. Transactional emails are emails that are triggered by a customer.

A transactional email is a receipt that is automatically sent to a customer when they make a purchase on your website. You can easily set up the Mailjet SMTP server with any email system. The Mailjet SMTP server has a wide range of SMTP ports.

The standard SMTP ports are 25 and 2525, but some can be blocked by your internet service provider. You can use the Mailjet service to avoid dealing with blocked SMTP ports. Mailjet allows you to send out ten versions of the same email to different people.

The best performing email is sent to you. You can check the effectiveness of the call-to-action based on the responses you get. You can compare your campaigns on metrics like open rate, click rate, and soft bouncing emails.

Personalized Emails with Mailjet

Mailjet allows you to collaborate in real time with other team members to get your emails just right, if you want to create good-looking, personalized emails from scratch but lack the technical skills. You can use contact field data to personalize email. You can show different products to male and female subscribers based on your contact properties.

Mailjet will attempt to resend the email if it bounces. The email is marked as a bounce if it isn't delivered within 3 days. The hard bounces are blocked.

Mailjet: Email Marketing Delivery Tool

Mailjet is an email marketing delivery tool that allows users to reach out to their clients through email. It is possible to send thousands of emails daily, to track email lists, and to get reliable analytic data. Mailjet's offers a number of email marketing, email automation, and transactional tools.

Scalable Email Marketing with Mailjet

It is important to choose a provider that scales and offers advanced features when searching for an email marketing solution. Mailjet lets you build email templates and email campaigns. Ensure your emails are read. Whether you send a lot of email or start slowly and expand, you should choose an email marketing tool and partner who you can rely on at every step of your life cycle.

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