What Is Internet Recovery Mac?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 16 Nov 2021

What is Internet Recovery on a Mac?

It is important to know what Internet Recovery is on a Mac. Internet Recovery is an internet-based version of Mac recovery mode, which loads recovery tools from Apple's server. Mac Internet Recovery mode allows you to restore the OS X version that was pre-installed when you purchased it.

You can use internet recovery to fix problems of your Mac, such as a frozen Mac, a black screen, or a startup disk. You can enter Mac Internet Recovery mode immediately if you need to perform the reinstallation without the OS disc carrying. There is no need to download the operating system files.

You can choose "Reinstalling OS X" from the OS X Utilities window. You can also use Disk Utility to fix disk errors, or you can restore your Mac computer from a Time Machine backup. If your Mac Recovery mode is not working, you can use the Startup Manager to get your computer back up and running.

You must use the internet to get to the reinstall of the macOS 11. It depends on the speed of your wireless network. It takes longer when your internet connection is poor.

You should make sure that you do two things. You have made backups before you have problems. Recovery mode is available on your Mac.

Internet Recovery on Mac

The internet recovery mode is different from the mac recovery mode. The recovery partition of every Mac is 650 MB and is completely independent of the other drives. Even though the recovery partition is independent, there are still some things that can damage your Mac hard drive.

If you are stuck in a grey screen, normal recovery mode will not work. Even if your Mac is not working, internet recovery can work. When the recovery partition is damaged, internet recovery works.

When normal recovery mode is not working, Mac will take you to internet recovery mode. You will see a spinning globe when you are internet recovery mode. You need to hold the option and command keys while restarting the Mac to manually launch the internet recovery mode.

Leave the keys if the spinning globe appears. A progressive bar is below the spinning globe icon. The macOS utility window will have the same options as normal recovery mode on Mac or MacBook, after the progressive bar is completely loaded.

After creating a drive, restart your Mac and Mac will ask you to choose which drive to boot into. To log into your Mac, you need to select the bootable drive. You can try to access the data now.

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