What Is Internet Modem And Router?


Author: Lorena
Published: 3 Jan 2022

How to Get Your Wi-Fi Connections?

It's worth understanding how the wi-fi works, even though there's no shame in that. A good start is to know what those different devices are doing and how they work together to get you online. You will have a better idea of when and how to upgrade your network, and you will have a simpler time fixing problems.

If you use your own modem or router, you can skip the equipment rental fee, which could save you money over the long run. The internet is a massive web of computers and server that can send and receive information in a matter of seconds. The internet can be accessed with a wireless connection to the nearest cell tower, but non-cellular devices like smart home gadgets, gaming consoles and computers need another way to access the internet.

That's where your modem comes in. The modem is the translator for your home network. It takes whatever data you want to send out into the internet, including a request to refresh your account on social media, and it will be sent into an electronic signal that can travel through the web.

The modem will demodulate and decode the signal to send a response. Most people used to get online with a modem. You would plug your modem into your home phone line and then you would connect the modem to your computer to access the internet.

If you want to use things like wireless smart home gadgets, or if you want to connect from anywhere in your house, wired connections are not practical. You need a way for those devices to connect to your modem without wires. That's what your internet service provider is for.

A Networking Device for Multiple Computers

The name of the device suggests it is a networking device that helps to route data packets from source to destination. It distributes the internet connection from the modem to all the networking devices, such as PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablets, etc. Multiple devices can communicate with each other over the same network.

Modems and Router: A Comparison

If you have always been confused between a modem and a router, you have come to the right place. Both of them function differently and are not the same. You may or may not need both of them. Netgenie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC ASSOCIATES Program, an affiliate advertising program that allows sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon properties.

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