What Is Internet Facing?


Author: Roslyn
Published: 13 Nov 2021

Security Compass Advisory: Assessing the External Attack Surface of an Organization

Many organizations have never undergone a full security audit. They have no idea what exists on the public network address ranges they own. They have documented some systems, but they don't know what's on the other ranges.

They don't know their entire exposure on the internet. Companies set up internet-facing applications to do things. Sometimes they are needed to interact with customers.

They are necessary for employees who are either working from home or out in the field. There are a number of internet-facing applications that can be placed on an internet-facing server instead of behind a VPNs or a firewall. Real attackers use a range of techniques to compromise internet-facing applications.

Your goal is to keep your data out of the wrong hands. You cannot map out your attack surface without knowing what your internet-facing applications can access. Without that knowledge, you can't manage your risk.

You should sit down with your systems administrator the systems administration team after talking to the network administrator. If you have a rough idea of how many devices are on your network, your system administrator can help you figure out what services are running on those systems and what clients are on the network. The main concerns for your System Administrator are what operating systems you are running, what services may be installed, and how they are managed.

A Question on Cybersecurity

Your question is related to Cybersecurity. If there is no proper security measures taken, any server that is internet facing is more likely to be attacked. You may have some internal server that is used for certain tasks.

Due Care in the Evaluation of Data Sensitivity, Exposure and Attack Probability

The discussion of due care is the most important. Organizations have budgets and applications to assess and protect. Taking measures to organize applications based on data sensitivity, exposure or likelihood of attack.

Web Application Firewall Pack

Users have been careless about creating strong passwords and changing them at appropriate intervals, and hackers have a variety of tools to hack even strong passwords, which is why user names and passwords are no longer a viable means of identifying a person or device. According to research from the company, poor credentials are the cause of 48 percent of data breeches and 76 percent of network hacks take advantage of them. Kemp offers a Web Application Firewall Pack, which addresses damaging application exploits such as cross site scripting and SQL injection.

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