What Is Internet Connection Sharing?


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Published: 24 Dec 2021

How to Know if You're Suffering from Packet Loss

How to know if you are suffering from packet loss? You can learn that by doing a packet loss test. A packet loss test tool can help you check it out.

Optimal Window Size for the Internet Protocol Client and Host of UUPnP

UPnP and the Integrated Control System allow remote discovery and control of the host. The Quality of Service Packet Scheduler component is used to calculate the optimal window size for the internet protocol client and the internet protocol host. The window size for the packet is set by the QoS component to the same as it would be if the receiver were connected directly to the slow link. The local DNS resolver in Windows 7 will provide name resolution for all network clients on the home network, including non-Windows-based network devices.

Shareware for Internet Connection Sharing

Sharing an internet connection can be achieved with either software or hardware. The operating system for Windows 98 and later has the software. WinGate and WinProxy are third-party shareware alternatives that will turn a computer into a gateway or proxy server. Each client of the ICS is connected to the hardware solution through the Internet connection.

The Wireless LAN Service

The two operation modes are exclusive and take precedence. The service may transition from a mode called standalone to full mode, but not from full mode to stand alone mode. The Wireless LAN Service was installed in conjunction with the wireless hosted network feature in Windows 7 and Windows server 2008 R2 to introduce the standalone mode.

It is not available in previous versions of Windows. The private interface's DHCP server continues to give local addresses to the connected devices when the public interface is not online. SoftAP does not involve any public interface in the StandaloneICS.

If the second integration uses a different private interface than the first, it will be less disruptive to remotely connected devices. To use the service to manage and use it, a software application needs an INetSharingManager interface. The INetSharingManager interface gives access to all the other COM interface in theICS.

The get_SharingInstalled method reports if the local computer supports connection sharing. The get_Enum EveryConnection method on the INetSharingManager interface retrieves an interface for all connections. The get_INetSharingConfigurationForINetConnection method retrieves an INetSharingConfiguration interface for the connection.

The documentation about internet connection sharing and internet connection firewall can be found here. Windows provides a platform where more than one application can manage a wireless hosted network at the same time. Each application can start and stop the wireless hosted network on its own.

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Configuring a VPN Server to Set Up Internet Connection Services

Do not use a computer that is a VPN server to set up ICS. If your computer is using a proxy, you must use Windows server 2003 NAT. Do not connect a hub to your modem.

If you do that, your internal network is vulnerable to other computers on the internet. If you connect a computer to a cable modem, make sure you turn off file and printer sharing to limit your vulnerability on the internet. When you do so, your network is prevented from sharing files and printers, which may be the reason for networking in the first place.

Check that the software you are using is from a third-party manufacturer. Make sure that only the computer that is equipped with the ICS is giving out information. If not, you may experience behavior that is not normal.

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