What Is Internet Banking Profile Password?


Author: Artie
Published: 27 Nov 2021

A Note on the Resetting of Bank Account Password

If you lock it, your bank account will be disabled. Before you close your account with the bank, you should write down your profile password on a piece of paper. The profile password is not the same as the login password.

The profile password and the login password are different. The password should include a number, upper and lower case letters, and a special character. If you have forgotten the hint question or answer, or have never set a profile password, you can approach the branch to reset the password.

Resetting the Password at ATM

You can reset your password if you forget it. You need to use the hint question and answer to verify yourself, or use the ATM Debit card validation to do so. If you don't remember the hint question or answer, you can approach your branch to reset the password.

A Note on Hint Question for Bank Account Password

The Profile Password is a layer of security to your bank accounts. The primary need to access accounts safely is with the help of a password. A profile password can be used for secure login, as well as updating mobile number, transferring funds, and changing the password.

The profile password and login password should be different to avoid being tracked. Users can select a hint question and answer it while logging into the internet banking facility of the State Bank of India. If you forget your profile password, hint question and answer will retrieve your identity.

A Secure and Secure Web Banking System

Your credit score is more than that. A better score can help you get the things you want, like a new credit card or the best loan rates. The login and profile passwords are used for the account.

The profile password is used to access the net-banking profile, whereas the login password is used to access internet banking facility. It is like an extra layer of security. Third-party transfers can be made with a profile password, as well as changing the password.

Resetting the Banking Profile Password in a Bank

You need to enter your transaction password when you access the profile section in the net banking section of the bank. You need to create two passwords, one for your login and the other for your profile, when you register for net banking. If you have an active ATM Debit card, you can use it to reset your net banking profile password. You are done if you follow the above steps.

Resetting the Profile Password

If you forgot the profile password, you can reset it yourself. If you don't know the answer or question, you can approach your branch to reset the password.

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