What Is Internet And Intranet?


Author: Albert
Published: 27 Nov 2021

Intranet: An Internet Protocol for Organizations

The internet and transmission protocols are the primary impelling agents that help build the internet network. The connected networks use a number of common protocols. The internet uses protocols and applications like Telnet, Gopher, WWW, Usenet News, Internet Relay chat, and so on.

An Intranet is a part of the internet and is used by an organization. It is used to connect all the computers and establish a private network of an organization to provide employees with the ability to collaborate on projects, manage or update information, share calendars, and to-do list, etc. Intranet makes data and project information secure, and organizations prefer it.


Every computer in Intranet has an address known as an MAC. It is a number that can be used to find the location of the computer. The Internet is a network built by the interconnection of many computer networks that are not owned by any entity. It is not run by any administration.

What is Internet versus Intranet?

The internet is a wide network of computers that are available to everyone, while the intranet is a network of computers that are designed for a certain group of users. The internet is a public network while an intranet is a private network. The table below shows you what the difference is between internet and intranet. Candidates are advised to stay updated with the latest news and information about the GATE Exam, Eligibility Criteria, GATE syllabus, Cut off, and so on.

Intranets: A Network for Everyone

4.3 billion people across the globe are connected to the internet, which helps them with everything from connecting with friends to keeping up with news and working more effectively. The internet is a public network, while an intranet is a closed network. The internet is for everyone, and an intranet is for a group of people. Intranets are designed to solve a specific set of problems, and the purpose is to remedy existing issues in a business, such as data storage, knowledge sharing, and the distribution of information.

Intranets for Employees

An intranet is a network that only a group of people can access. Many corporations, government agencies, and universities have intranets. Most employees have access to the company intranet. Some employees may not need to access information the intranet because of their work classification, which may include training, product information, articles, and information that pertain to the company.

Intranet: A Public Network

The term Internet and Intranet confuses us. The Internet is open to everyone and can be accessed by everyone, but Intranet requires a password to access, which is not open to everyone. Everyone uses the Internet for communication and data transfer.

It is a public network where computers can communicate. It gives a good source of information. Intranet is used to connect computers and transmit data.

Internet and World Wide Web

The internet is used to share data from one computer to another. The type of data and the medium through which it is traveling are two important factors to consider. Internet and World Wide Web are different terms.

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