What Is Informational Feedback?


Author: Loyd
Published: 18 Nov 2021

Feedback in Learning and Development

A feedback is a reaction or information that occurs as a result of actions or behavior undertaken by an individual or group. Positive and negative feedback is important in a learning and development context. Learners can take ownership of their learning with feedback.

Learners know what they need to do to reach a higher level when feedback shows their current level of performance. Learning is more powerful if you can make it clear what will happen if the learner doesn't adopt the target behavior knowledge. It is an excellent way to show the consequences of a decision.

Two-Way Communication Feedback

The complete communication process is completed. The communication process ends with feedback. The sender can learn from feedback how the receiver responds.

It is an essential step in communication. Two-way communication feedback is mandatory. The only way to get feedback is to communicate.

The sender knows how his message will be used by the receiver from it. The sender of the message can measure the effectiveness of communication by analyzing the reaction, positive or negative. Two-way communication feedback is the only way to assess the success of communication.

The sender needs feedback to take proper decision. The sender cannot decide on the issue if the receiver does not send a response. Sometimes the manager will send plans and decision to the subordinates for their appraisal.

If the subordinates send their suggestions, they can make better decisions. Managers can take proper and quality decisions with feedback. The sender can get feedback from the receiver of his message.

Evaluation and Coaching Feedback

The purpose of the evaluation feedback discussion is to let the person receiving it know where they stand in relation to their performance. When an employee knows where they stand, they feel reassured and safe. They are more likely to receive feedback that is positive and work with their leader to improve their performance.

When you want to show appreciation or thank an employee, you should have an appreciation feedback conversation. It is important to notice that they are trying to build trust in your relationship. Encourage the employee to keep on progressing and grow with their success.

You may need to give them coaching feedback after you give them appreciation for the effort they are putting in for their growth and improvement. A coaching feedback discussion can have both elements, but it is different from evaluation and appreciation. A coaching feedback can include regular and periodic reviews.

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