What Is Information Hiding?


Author: Lisa
Published: 23 Nov 2021

What is Information Hiding?

Which leads to information hiding? Information hiding and abstract data type can be achieved with enercapsulation. They make sure that the object is essential to its creation.

The method of encapsulation does not allow the programmer to access the class directly. Information hiding is hiding the data that is being affected. Private and public use are covered by this.

Information Hiding

Information hiding or data hiding is a way to protect data from accidental changes in the program. Information hiding is a powerful OOP feature. Information hiding is related to encapsulation.

Designing a Motor Vehicle Interface

A car manufacturer may have a standard version of the car as well as a luxury version. The standard version has a less powerful engine. The interface for both engines is the same for the luxury version and the standard version.

The engines fit into the engine bay of the car, which is the same as between the two versions. The engines fit the same transmission, mounts and controls. The engineers divide the task into pieces that are assigned to teams to design the car.

Each team designs their component to a particular standard or interface which allows the team flexibility in the design of the component while at the same time ensuring that all of the components will fit together. The core structure of motor vehicle models is often the same as a cost-control measure. Information hiding is an example of what can be done with a platform, since the floorplan can be built without knowing whether it is to be used in a sedan or a hatchback.

The Beginning of Computer Programming

There are many ways to write computer programs. The first line of the program was at the top and the last line was at the bottom in early languages. The program moved downward through the code as it worked.

Information hiding is used to simplify modifications. It is easier to modify a portion of the program if it only uses its own objects. One small change in the program could cause a failure in a seemingly unrelated part of the system.

Information hiding is done for security. It is more difficult for a harmful process to cascade through a program if it operates as independently as possible. If a malicious program gains access to a certain part of the encapsulated system, it can only access the portion that it first encounters.

Information Hiding for Programmers

Information hiding for programmers is done to prevent change. Certain program code cannot be changed or modified if design decisions are hidden. Information hiding is usually done for internal changeable code, which is designed to not be exposed.

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