What Is Information Governance Uk?


Author: Artie
Published: 16 Dec 2021

The use of personal confidential data

The legal framework governing the use of personal confidential data is complex. The Health and Social Care Act 2012 is included.

A Strategic Framework for Information Governance

2. The framework defines the policies and procedures that are relevant to the IG programme. Data security, retention and disposal schedules, records management, information sharing policies and privacy are included.

There are 4. An IG framework defines how the organisation and its employees manage data. Legal and regulatory compliance, management of personal information, acceptable content types, how information is shared and how data is stored and archived are relevant sections.

It is important to establish how organizations operate and share information with their partners. Your framework should define the policies and procedures for sharing information with third parties, how Information Governance process influences contractual obligations and how you will determine whether your partners and third parties meet your IG goals. Your framework should outline your process of continuous monitoring.

Plans for quality assurance of IG processes should include how you will monitor information access, measure regulatory compliance, conduct risk assessments, maintain adequate security and review the IG programme as a whole. Many people and organizations think of data governance and IG as the same thing. Although both are essential for companies to achieve their goals, they are not the same.

Data governance refers to the control of information at business-unit levels to ensure it is accurate and reliable. Procedures are used to manage data integrity, availability, and security. IT has the responsibility of data governance, but IG has a bigger scope.

Data Protection in Health Care: Principles, Practice and Action

The importance of information and intelligence has been highlighted in previous sections of health knowledge, and how it can be used to improve healthcare services for patients and the public. The general principles for data protection are summarized below, followed by practical issues to address and actions to take when handling health data. Further reading can be found in the links. If data extracts are used for specific purposes, they should not be retained for more than a few days after the study is over.

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