What Is Information Barrier?


Author: Lorena
Published: 9 Jan 2022

Information Barriers for Order Events

The OATS Reporting Members are required to record the identification of information barriers for certain order events, including when an order is received originated, transmitted to a department within the OATS Reporting Member, and when it is modified.

Information Barrier Policies

Information barriers only support two way restrictions. One way restrictions can be used is to communicate and collaborate with day traders, but they cannot. People who don't want to share files with other people won't be able to find, chat, or call those people when information barrier policies are in place.

Checks are put in place to prevent unauthorized communication. The people involved will not be able to proceed if they are included in an information barrier policy. Everyone included in an information barrier policy can be blocked from communicating with others in Microsoft Teams.

Enabling Information Barriers Compliance in Microsoft 365

You can use information barriers to define policies that will prevent certain segments of users from communicating with each other or allow certain segments to communicate only with certain other segments. Information barrier policies can help keep your organization in compliance with industry standards and regulations. See Learn about information barriers for more information.

You can also use "not equals" and "equals" parameters to define a segment. You can use logical AND and OR operators to define complex group filters. Determine if you need to limit or prevent communications between segments.

The minimum number of policies is what you want to use to make sure your organization is compliant with legal and industry requirements. IB mode can help strengthen access, sharing and membership of a Microsoft 365 resource. Modes are supported on Microsoft 365 Groups, Microsoft Teams, and OneDrive sites and are automatically enabled in your IB configuration.

Using the Service to Evaluate IB Policies

IB policies of other team members must be evaluated against the user's policy when you add a user to a team. The user can perform all functions in the team without further checks after being added. If the user's policy prevents them from being added to the team, they won't show up in search.

Each time a user requests a new chat with another person, the chat is evaluated to make sure it isn't violating any IB policies. The conversation isn't started if the conversation violates an IB policy. Sharing a screen between two or more users is evaluated to make sure that it doesn't violate IB policies.

The screen share won't be allowed if an IB policy is violated. If a new policy is set or an existing policy is changed, the service will check the existing communications to make sure they are still allowed to occur. A user can see blocked users on the chats contact list, but they will be identified.

The only way to remove blocked users is to destroy them. The user can choose to view their past conversation. A user can see blocked users on the calls contact list, but they will be identified.

Many firms put a legal information barrier in place to manage potential conflict of interests. It is its primary function to make sure that information does not flow between departments of lawyers representing different clients. The lawyers are the ones who are practicing legal information barriers.

Using Active Directory to Remove Policies from Users

Determine if the users are affected by the policy. Information barriers might work as expected if policies are configured in a way that works. You might have to change your policies.

Information barrier policies are assigned to users. User account profiles have certain attributes that are used to define segments. If you must remove a policy from a single user, you should consider editing their profile in Active Directory to remove them from a segment affected by information barriers.

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