What Is Gmail Outbox?


Author: Richelle
Published: 8 Nov 2021

Outbox: A New Feature on Gmail.com

No longer. Outbox is a new feature on Gmail.com for both the iPad and the iPhone. It gives mobile Web users a way to view the outgoing messages that will be sent by the cell phone once it gets back into a coverage zone.

Outbox and Sent Messages

The message is stored in the outbox until it is sent. The message is moved to the "Sent" or "Sent Messages" folder once it has been sent. The terms "outbox" and "Sent Messages" have different meanings.

Fixing Emails Get Stuck in Outbox and Not Sending In Gmail

If you exceed the file size limit, the email may be stuck in the Outbox. If you want to send an email with a large file attachment, you can use the link in the email to download the file from the drive. To fix emails stuck in Outbox and not sending in Gmail, you have to have a stable internet connection.

You can use a third-party speed test app to check your internet connection. You can check the connection by using an app that requires the internet or browsing on the web. If you use mobile data as your internet connection, it is possible that the data saving mode may be enabled on your device, which may restrict Gmail from using your mobile data for sending or receiving emails.

To fix email stuck in the Outbox issue, you can enable the allow background data usage option your device. Sometimes, closing the background running apps can help you fix the problem of emails getting stuck in the Outbox. You can close all the background running apps and send the emails from the Outbox.

Sometimes, the emails may go to the Outbox, and sometimes, they may be sent later because of an unstable internet connection, or you may be attaching a file that exceeds the 25GB limit. If you are using the latest version of the app, you should check it. If you are using an old version of the app, it is likely the reason why you are having trouble.

To fix Gmail, you have to make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that you don't exceed the 25GB limit for the attachment. If you use your mobile data as your internet connection, you can enable the background data usage option your device. Make sure you have a stable internet connection to send an email stuck in your Outbox.

Outbox: A New Folder for Emails

Outbox is a temporary holding area where your messages are kept temporarily until your email client establishes a connection with the mail server and the recipient receives your message. When you hit send, the outgoing message moves to the Outbox until a secure connection with the configured SMTP server is available and successfully established. The message stays in the Outbox if the connection is not established or if there is internet issues.

The message is in Outbox until it is delivered. Once the connection is reestablished, the email client will try to send the message again. If there is a communication problem between the email client and the outgoing mail server, the Outbox folder is temporarily filled with your emails.

Emails are stuck in the Outbox folder because the email client fails to connect to the mail server because of internet issues or manual errors. The mails are successfully sent once the connection is reestablished. It also allows you to modify the content of the mail before it is received by the recipient.

You can keep track of your outgoing messages by moving your emails to the Sent folder. The difference between Outbox and Sent is that the latter is used to describe the messages in the send process, while the former is used to describe the status of the messages. Outbox refers to the messages that are in the sending process until they are successfully sent and received by the recipient, whereas Sent refers to the area where the messages are successfully sent and received by the recipient.

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