What Is Ethernet Port Aggregation Modem?


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Published: 6 Jan 2022

The best networking connection is always a wired one. Link aggregation or bonding two network connections together can increase throughput when one connection isn't enough. A 1 gigabit connection is enough for games, but link aggregation can help with file transfers.

Multi-Gig Internet: Port Aggregation

Multi-Gig Internet is a network connection with speeds greater than 1 Gbps. To achieve Multi-Gig network speeds on a supported device, you must set up port aggregation. Your router can link two Ethernet ports and treat them as a single connection.

The cable modem is associated with the WAN aggregation. The connection between your device and your cable modem is not affected by location. An aggregatedWAN connection provides seamless connection and the full speed of your internet service provider.

The modem that supports the aggregation of theWAN must be the CM1100. Your home network is associated with the LAN aggregation. The devices that are connected to your router are affected by an aggregated LAN connection.

Optical Scalability of Converged IP and Ethernet Aggregation

The benefits of converged IP and Ethernet aggregation include optical scalability. By taking advantage of seamless integration with the optical transport layer, 100GbE, 25GbE, and 100GbE links can be aggregated to 100GbE, 200GbE, and 400GbE connections in minutes or hours.

Load Balancing for Multi-Chassis Communication

Individual packets are sent from one device to the other over one of the links. The protocol tries to keep the whole sessions on a single link. A packet from the next conversation could be sent to another person.

The idea is to transmit packets down different links. The packet is never chops up by standard aggregation. All packets belonging to any individual session should go down the same single link.

If you don't risk out-of-order packets, you will cause serious problems for a lot of applications. If the link is just two devices talking directly to one another across an aggregated link, then a load balancing algorithm means all the traffic uses one of the links. When you change the device's algorithm, you only change how it behaves when sending packets.

If the traffic is in the inbound direct, you need to adjust the device on the other end. The specification is being updated. Many of the work being done is intended to standardize and extend some of the multi-chassis concepts that have been developed by various vendors.

The TechLounge

Link aggregation is a method used to bundle individual links together in a way that lets them act like a single logical link. Link aggregation balances traffic between the two devices. Once you understand how it works, the process is not hard to achieve.

The main benefit of link aggregation is a better utilization of physical resources by balancing the data traffic being sent across different physical links, as well as taking advantage of the multiple ports that might be available to you. LAGs are more reliable because if one of the physical links goes down, traffic is immediately distributed to the other links and balanced out between them. Scheduling algorithms are complicated, but they are just rules that LAGs need to follow.

All links in a LAG must be the same type of Ethernet and the links themselves must be identical. Scheduling is done by using a mixture of functions to look at the addresses in the Layer 2 or 3 headers. TheTechLounge is a place to find reviews of tech, software, apps and everything that interests a geeky mind.

LAG: Load Balance for Multiple Clients at the Same Time

The 4ge Port Bonding is not yet available but will be in the future to support higher internet speeds offered via DOCSIS 3.1. How will they send traffic across your 2 or 4 paths that allow for a client to see more than the limit of physical pipe? And not run into any packets that are out of order?

In a normal setup, in the home, you will behind a napt and source IP is always the same. For all your sessions. LAG benefits the server when multiple clients are hitting it at the same time.

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