What Is Email Size Limit Outlook?


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Published: 19 Nov 2021

How to Grow an Email Database with Outlook

How much data can you send in an email? What about the mail? How big can your email database grow?

You can send, receive and access items anytime you need, if you learn how to work around the limitations of Outlook. The default size limit depends on the mailbox type. The total sum of all attached files cannot exceed 10 MB unless specified by the Exchange administrator.

There is not much you can do from Outlook. You can reduce your email database by removing duplicate attachments. Outlook tools can't find duplicate messages in different folders and can't identify messages with small differences as copies.

To wipe your mailbox clean, you could use a specialized tool, such as the MAPILab duplicate email Remover. The add-in provides some sensible follow-up capabilities, such as repairing links if attachments are moved elsewhere and compacting storage space, so that removing attachments would have an impact. You can set the minimum file size for compression and set the add-in to separate files if you click on Sending Options under the archive tab.

Outlook.com Limits the Number of Email Message Per Day

Outlook.com limits the number of email messages that you can send in a single day, as well as the number of recipients for a single message, to help protect against abuse by spammers. If you recently created a new Outlook.com account, a low sending quota is a temporary restriction which is upgraded to the maximum limit as soon as you establish credibility in the system.

Counting the deleted items folder

When you remove items from a folder, they are sent to the deleted items folder. The deleted items folder is counted against your mailbox storage quota.

Email Size Limits in Outlook.com

The size limit for sending emails with Outlook.com is calculated by the size of the message and the body text, not just the size of the file attachment. The email size limits are in place to reduce the risk of email being sent to people. The total size limit for an email from Outlook.com depends on whether you have a file on your computer or on the cloud.

The attachment size limit for a file on your computer is 34 MB, while the limit for a file on the cloud is 2 GB. To send large files, you can first use a cloud storage service like Dropbox, or even a service like Google Drive. When it's time to attach the files to the email, choose a cloud location instead of a computer to send them.

Errors in the Outlook.com Answer Forum

If you get an error when sending, contact Outlook.com support directly or post a question in the Outlook.com Answers Forum. Outlook.com Support can modify the limits for you on that forum.

Performance and Integrity Issues of a Large-Scale Outlook.PST

A large-sized PST can be corrupt due to inconsistencies and integrity issues. It is always advisable to not store Outlook email objects in a.PST file. It is not recommended to increase the Outlook.PST file limit to more than 100 GB to avoid performance issues and corruption.

Share Large Files in the Cloud

You can use the cloud storage services to share large files. Cloud storage services include OneDrive, iCloud, and Google Drive. You can include a link to the document in your email message once your file is in the cloud.

How to send large files through Outlook

The Outlook file size limit is the reason for the error. You can send files over 50GB through Outlook. How to do that?

Go to the next section. You can send large files after increasing the Outlook PST file size limit. The maximum size of the.pst and.ost should be increased.

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