What Is Email Retention Policy?


Author: Lisa
Published: 23 Dec 2021

A Systematic Approach to Email Management

As email has become a necessity for all aspects of the professional world, businesses have begun to mandating email retention policies as a way of ensuring legal protection and company efficiency. A proper enterprise resource planning system is a necessity for any modern business because of the risk of financial retribution for poorly maintained email cataloging and archives.

An Effective Email Retention Policy

Emails sent or received by your organization should be covered by an email retention policy. Guidelines for how long emails should be kept and how they should be removed from the email archive solution should be in it. Email retention policies can help your organization in legal proceedings.

If you have a 3-year retention policy, you will be obligated to provide emails for the last three years and nothing after that. Your customers and partners should be aware of your industry regulations. You may have to implement an email regulation policy that is different for the functional department or area of business.

The key to enforcement of your policy is a written email retention policy. A written policy will save you time and money. Your email retention policy will help you in determining how many emails you have to give.

Your email retention policy should be simple and communicated to all users. The business needs should be the only ones that govern an effective email retention policy. The legal team needs to be involved once you have the draft copy ready.

Legal will make sure the document is in line with the company's policies and that the assumptions about the regulations are correct. Creating an email retention policy is not enough to reinforce an effective email retention policy. The factors that must be considered are listed below.

Deleted Items in Office365

If you accidentally or intentionally remove the data items from Office365, they will retain them. Due to the threat of network breeches, mailboxes in the office365 program can be lost easily. Every business organization has to deal with its increasing amounts of data every single day.

When you remove email messages from the Office 365 account, they are moved into the deleted items folder. You can either keep the email messages in the deleted items folder or define that Outlook Web Apps empties the folder whenever you log out. The emails are marked as deleted until you remove them on your own.

Retention of Emails

If CVs are received by email in relation to applications for a job, it is a good idea to remove unsuccessful candidates from the picture. It is worth keeping them for a short time in case a candidate is unsuccessful in the selection process. Do not destroy the original when you are unsure.

Using mailboxes for storage solutions

Even though mailbox quotare implemented, there are still benefits to using a storage solution with such a policy. There are still many questions related to the useless that are being met with statments.

Email Retention Policies and Risk Management

Email retention policies are more than just about saving space on your Exchange server. You must consider how email retention controls affect your company's risk.

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