What Is Email Open Rate?


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Published: 3 Nov 2021

How Effective is Your Email Campaign?

Email is a core marketing channel for brands of all shapes and sizes. Email performance can have a huge impact on marketing success. Your click-through rate can show you how many of your subscribers are visiting your website and converting from email.

The click-through rates and open rates can be compared to see where the weakest part of your email marketing campaign is. A user can opt out of getting more emails by unsubscribing. The percentage of people who are not in the email campaign is reported on each campaign.

Open Rates: A Measure of Email Performance

webmail services and email clients block images by default, or the recipient may choose to receive text-only versions of an email. In both cases, no image call can be made, which reduces the accuracy of the open rate measure. Open rates are not an absolute measure of a commercial email's performance. Many marketers use open rates as a relative measure to compare the performance of emails sent to different recipients, but at different times or with different subject headings.

Tracking Email Open Rates

Email open rate is a metric that shows the number of emails sent and the number of people who open them. Email open rate is an important value for determining the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns when you send marketing materials to customers and leads. The open rate is calculated using formulas that include the number of recipients emails go to, the number of emails that go out and the bounce rate.

Measuring the open rate can give valuable insight into what works best to attract leads and customers in your marketing campaign. The number of unique email opens is what you need to calculate the open rate. Trackable links and receipts are some of the methods of email opens that can be tracked.

Email open rate can be tracked by reading receipts, where recipients open an email and your email platform alert you to the open right away. Email open rate can tell you a lot about your campaign. Understanding the rate at which potential customers engage with your messaging can help you determine the types of email messages audiences are more likely to open.

If you notice the open rate decreasing, you can work with your marketing team on strategies to improve engagement with your branding. Email open rates can show you what leads are responding to, giving you more insight into what your audience finds appealing. You might conclude that your email messaging is effective, given that almost half of all recipients are open and engage with your emails.

It is uncommon for email campaigns to have an open rate of less than 93%, however, it is remarkably high and suggests that recipients are engaging with the message frequently. You can further evaluate metrics like the email bounce rate, which can tell you how often emails are missing recipients' inboxes. You can identify the factors that cause emails to fail to arrive by evaluating your email bounce rate.

What Should You Do About Your Emails?

The average email open rate is 20.94%. The results for your organization will be dependent on a number of factors, including the health of your list, the quality of your subject line, and the average benchmark for your industry. The average of the education and electronics industries is 25% and 19%, respectively.

There is a frame of reference for how your emails should be performing. The next thing you have to do? What are you going to do about it?

Data is King: How to Make the Most of Your Email Open Rate

Email marketers will tell you data is king. It is important to analyse the numbers behind your marketing efforts. One of the most important data points to pay attention to is your email open rate.

Benchmarking Email Marketing

Other benchmarks are hard to find. Most companies don't reveal their open and click rates for email marketing. If you're just starting to invest in email marketing, you don't have a frame of reference to how well your emails should be performing.

The results are similar for companies with 1 - 10 employees and 26 - 200 employees. The companies with 1 - 10 employees typically receive a median open rate of 35.3% and a median click rate of 6.9%, while the companies with 26 - 200 employees typically receive a median open rate of 32.3% and a median click rate of 6.3%. The open rates for B2B are around 30%.

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