What Is Email Monitoring?


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Published: 6 Nov 2021

Monitoring Email Marketing

Email monitoring can show you how your email system is being used. Not how much storage space is used, or how many messages are blocked each day, but how your employees are actually using email to perform their jobs. Email monitoring can help you learn more about your company, identify waste, improve efficiency, and get a better handle on both compliance and customer service, because of the amount of intelligence that is available to you in aggregate.

Monitoring the Performance of IMAP Sensors

The PRTG IMAP sensor assigns statuses based on certain words or phrases found in emails. PRTG can find out if an email has a certain type of words in it by scanning the subject or body of the email. If you want to make sure the application that you want to monitor is able to send status emails to the corresponding email address, you need to add the IMAP Sensor to the device that represents your mail server. PRTG comes with a number of other sensors that use NetFlow or other protocols to monitor your server, which will give you important hardware and performance data, so you can eliminate downtime.

Teramind: An E-mail Monitoring Software

Teramind's e-mail monitoring software records and indexes all information related to the action, preventing security compromises and sensitive data from being transferred out of a system. Email monitoring is an essential component of data loss prevention. Teramind takes the guess work out of knowing who is sending emails, what is being shared, and if sensitive files are attached. The monitoring of email activity is very important for auditing company compliance for employees who send a lot of email daily, like customer service, collaboration, public relations and all other roles.

Why Do Employers Write?

Why are employees interested in what they are writing? Employers may have to hand over electronic documents if they are sued, because email creates an electronic document. The 15% of companies that faced a lawsuit were surveyed by the same study.

Privacy in electronic communications is still evolving. States might handle the matter differently depending on the circumstances. If you believe your employer violated your privacy, you should seek the assistance of a local employment attorney.

How can you avoid problems with workplace email? You should treat your email system like your business phone. Don't use your personal email account for company business and limit your communications to work related activities.

Monitoring Email

There are many ways to view and consider email, and there are many different ways to use email monitoring tools. You could go with an all-around tool that helps you analyze email habits and behaviors, a productivity-based tool that helps employees identify and master their productivity habits, or an email tool designed specifically to help salespeople improve their success rate.

G-lock App for Email Monitoring

The G-lock App is a great tool for checking email. It finds out the problems before sending and filters out the email from the spammers. Fix all the issues and maximize the deliverability of emails.

Another email monitoring software that you can use is 250ok. It helps you keep an eye on the inbox, the missing emails and the junk mail. You can easily identify the filters by testing the preview of your campaigns.

The price of MailMonitor is from $79 and includes 40 monthly campaigns, and many more. If you have a lot of emails to send and check, you can go for annual plans. The email deliverability issues are the biggest challenge online marketers face.

The tool identifies all the mistakes of your campaigns. It can be used to solve things like testing of emails, inbox placement, and so on. The basic plan of Inboxtrail is starting at $9.99 per month and includes 10 delivery tests, and much more.

If you have bulk emails for testing, you can go with the yearly plan. Email On Acid is a tool that is best suited for email delivery issues. It fixes delivery problems and also filters out all the campaigns that are not legitimate.

How to Detect an Email Activity

You should assume that your email and web browsing activities are being monitored. There are a few simple steps you can take to find out if they are. You need to understand how emails are sent to see if your email is being monitored.

You have to connect to an email server when you send an email from Outlook or another email client. It can either connect directly or through a proxy server. The proxy server forwards the email request to another server.

Using Computer Monitoring to Control Your PC Usage

Depending on your contract, your employer or school may have the right to log your PC usage. You might not be able to stop or work around it if you don't have ways to monitor it. In an educational setting, strict controls on PC and web usage are likely.

If you receive emails with a certain type of message, you can look at the sender's email address to see if it is being routed through a corporate email server. You can look up the headers in Gmail by opening an email and selecting the three-dots menu icon in the top-right. The Show Original option is available from the options.

Digital monitoring can be done through software installed on your PC, which can be used to track your web activity, software you use, and even your microphone, webcam, and keyboard usage. Everything you do on your PC is loggable with the right software. The only way to prevent government agents from monitoring your digital usage is to switch to speach platforms for communication.

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