What Is Email Delivery Rate?


Author: Loyd
Published: 8 Jan 2022

Email Delivery Rates

Email delivery rates are calculated by dividing the number of emails sent by the number of bounces. When you send a mailing, some emails may bounce, so you should remember that the number of emails sent is not the same as the number of emails delivered.

The Effectiveness of Email Marketing Newsletters

The effectiveness of an email marketing newsletter is determined by how many people receive it. Email marketers use three terms to analyze their marketing campaigns: email deliverability, inbox rate and bounce rate.

Tracking the Repeat Open Rate

The email open rate has been on the decline for a while, but you would think that it is due to the popularity of B2B email marketing. Don't worry if it's not. You know your email subscribers better than anyone else.

If you consistently reach a 15% open rate, which is below average, it's obvious that you are not under performing even if the industry average says you are. It is a must that averages are taken lightly. The health care industry has open rates that are different from the insurance industry.

Open rates in Europe are different from those in North America. Research shows that subscribers are most likely to read your email at either 10am or 1pm after they arrive at work. The timing of your email is important to the success of your campaign.

If you send it on a day when people are less likely to read email, you could be missing out on a lot of customers. Steve, what is your opinion tracking the Repeat Open Rate and how would you calculate it? Really enjoyed your article.

How to Avoid Blacklisting

Major internet service providers. The major ISPs should be the most important ones. If you can achieve deliverability with them, you should be fine with the minor ISPs.

The sender's reputation is what determines how strict the limit is. If you create a huge spike in sending volume, your emails will be soft bounced. It is easier to avoid being on a blacklist than it is to get out.

How Effective is Your Email Campaign?

Email is a core marketing channel for brands of all shapes and sizes. Email performance can have a huge impact on marketing success. Your click-through rate can show you how many of your subscribers are visiting your website and converting from email.

The click-through rates and open rates can be compared to see where the weakest part of your email marketing campaign is. A user can opt out of getting more emails by unsubscribing. The percentage of people who are not in the email campaign is reported on each campaign.

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