What Is Email Deliverability?


Author: Albert
Published: 14 Nov 2021

GMass: Email Marketing Automation Tool

Blacklists are used by mailbox providers to avoid sending out bad emails. The lists contain addresses and domain names that are known to send email. Email delivery is a percentage of emails that are not rejected by the mailbox provider or the internet service provider.

To measure the email deliverability rate, you need an email marketing tool. GMass can help you maintain a clean email list, manage phased email sending, and be SPF and DKIM compliant. GMass has a lot of useful email marketing and marketing automation features.

Measuring the Inbox Placement Rate of an Internet Service Provider

Delivery into the inbox is the key to getting your email read. Tracking the accepted rate is not an effective way to measure it. The email that was accepted by the internet service provider did not mean it was delivered to the inbox. The email marketer will use the Inbox Placement Rate as a key email metric.

Improving Email Deliverability

Email deliverability is related to where your email goes when it is received. It is affected by a number of factors. A good delivery rate doesn't mean good deliverability because some of your emails might go to the spam folder.

The complaints of the so-called "smutty" people affect the way that things are delivered. Procedures that prevent being associated with increased reports are needed to avoid them. Email marketing is about getting your clients to read your emails.

A delivery rate of 100% does not help much. Delivery rates do not account for where your emails are landing. The junk and spam folders are where the emails are considered to be delivered.

The ability to be read is close to zero, so the emails ending in those folders are useless. Delivery rates should not be used to track your campaign effectiveness. Email verification is done by SMTPs to determine if the email is from a verified source.

If there is a conflict between the true sending domain and the domain the email appears to be sent from, the email is red-flagged. It is considered to be a form of junk mail. It does not reach the client's inbox.

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