What Is Email Analytics?


Author: Lorena
Published: 5 Nov 2021

Tracking Email Marketing Metrics

It doesn't matter how well your emails are written if you can't see the results of your efforts. Let's look at the metrics that you should be paying attention to. We'll start with the metrics that every email marketer should be tracking, and then we'll look at how to tie certain metrics to specific goals.

After an email recipient clicks through on your email, the next goal is to get them to convert on your offer, which is usually done by taking the action that your email has asked them to do. If you send an email to your audience that will give them the chance to download a free ebook, you should consider anyone who downloads that ebook to be a conversion. It's not much of a deal, but the rate at which your email recipients forward or share your email is one of the most important metrics you should be tracking.

The overall return on investment of your email marketing should be determined. If you haven't already, set up an SLA system that assigns different values to different types of leads based on their likelihood to generate revenue for your company. Tracking how many leads you capture every day and month is important for your email marketing.

Hubspot Sales and Marketing

The sales and marketing tool, Hubspot, can help you with everything from sales to marketing. It has a nifty Outlook add-in that will allow you to access Hubspot Sales directly.

Statistical Analysis of Email Users

Statistics are available in your personal account, and include graphs of subscriber activity, data about sent and delivered emails, clicks and complaints about the internet. PDF and XLS formats are the most popular formats for the download of reports.

Right Inbox: An Extension for Gmail to Increase Your Email Campaigns

Right Inbox is a Chrome extension that works with Gmail to increase your email efforts. You can find out who reads and clicks your emails, how many times, and when with the email tracking feature. Right Inbox has features that include email reminders, sequence, and scheduling.

SalesHandy can help you increase your email productivity. You get notification for every email open and link click. You can save email templates on the go.

Email verification and cleaning is a part of NeverBounce. The software works on top of your email marketing system to verify your email lists. You can download the cleaned version of the email lists with NeverBounce.

EmailAnalytics is a tool that shows your email activity. It helps you find your busiest email days, times of day and top senders. It calculates email response time, which is a critical metric for sales and customer service teams.

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