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Published: 23 Nov 2021

Proceedings 11th Global Digital Development Conference

There is a growing gap between boys and girls in technology, and it is notable. In developing countries, gender inequalities are reflected in access to digital tools and boys are able to use and benefit from technology at higher rates than girls. Girls don't have role models in the world of technology and therefore might not consider studying or working in technology.

The type of problems technology is used to solve and how technology behaves are affected by male dominance. The 11th Global Digital Development Conference will take place in Uganda from April 30 to May 3, 2019. The conference brings together hundreds of public, private and civil society organizations from the development and humanitarian community to learn and innovate.

The Digital Tools that You Use for Your Studies

Digital tools that you will use during your studies include: storing documents, planning, and keeping in touch with fellow students, as well as core learning activities such as lectures and group discussions. The tools that you use for your studies will vary from programme to programme, but there are four core tools that most students are likely to use at some point. You can access online classroom spaces via your courses in Learn.

Collaborate or Zoom can be used by your lecturers and tutors to run seminars and discuss topics. Microsoft Teams is a platform that you can use to hold meetings, chat, and collaborate on files. You can use it to communicate with students.

Video conferencing with Slack

As your business grows, it can be difficult to keep track of conversations between employees. Teams can communicate with each other through a communication tool like Slack. Digital marketing tools like email newsletters are very popular.

You can use a platform like Constant Contact to easily design, send and review your newsletters. You can look at who opened your emails, what links they clicked on, and who might be most interested in a follow-up message. Need to have a meeting with a client, or a remote team?

How to Connect with People in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing tools are used to connect with people. You have to connect them to where they are spending their time and money.

Digital Transformation in Organizations

Digital transformation has been going on for a long time. Many companies fail to use the digital tools at their disposal or take the necessary steps to see results. Being late to the game can cause problems.

Digital maturity and performance go hand in hand according to the OECD. The United Kingdom is three times more efficient and productive than other countries because of their successful implementation of digital transformation initiatives. Office365 is a collaboration suite that facilitates corporate communication, exchange, information storage, and business activity management.

Productivity tools like Word, excel, Teams, Outlook, and OneDrive are must haves for all employees. Intranets are no longer with static pages and long lists, with no ability to collaborate, modify or make changes. A next-generation intranet platform is used to propel the digital transformation process.

Ensure that the system you are evaluating can provide the right information and data, and that it integrates with other tools in your technology stack. Depending on the type of information you want to collect, different systems may work better than others. Sales and marketing teams use a number of popular software programs, such as Freshdesk, which is widely used.

Artificial intelligence can provide insights and help you understand your target market when available. The importance of digital transformation was highlighted by the recent worldwide Coronaviruses quarantine period. Many organizations were unable to provide remote access to their employees because they relied on local storage solutions.

Elucidat: A Digital Learning and Development Strategy for the Enterprise

1. People want to work at an organization that gives them opportunity for learning and development. Technology gives your end users freedom to use it and learn how to do it.

An effective digital learning and development strategy will focus on using learning analytic and having a goal. You should be checking in on the progress of your strategy to get the product right. L&D professionals can help make sure that learners can easily access the resources that relate to a given topic or goal by using technology.

User-centered research is the key to an effective corporate learning and development strategy. Analyzing current habits, needs, trends and opportunities will help you set up a strategy for success now and in the future. Learning analytics and content analytics can be used to help point you to the most popular and least shared modes of content in your workplace.

Introduction to Schoology

Schoology is a learning management system that is free to use and it allows teachers to create and distribute materials. Schoology gives you the ability to do everything in the classroom, plus more features. You can organize content much more easily, have a gradebook, record audio or video, and many more. The introduction video is below.

ClassDojo: A tool to improve student behavior in classrooms

The system that allows teachers to create exercises or educational games using mobile devices is called the "Socrative" system. The results of the activities can be seen by the teachers, and they can modify the lessons to make them more personalized. You can use Projeqt to create multimedia presentations with dynamic slides that can include interactive maps, links, online quizzes, and videos.

During a class session, teachers can show students presentations that are visually adapted to different devices. ClassDojo is a tool to improve student behavior, it gives teachers instant feedback so that good disposition in class is rewarded with points and students have a more receptive attitude towards the learning process. ClassDojo gives real-time notifications to students.

For working together. The information collected about student behavior can be shared with parents and administrators. Animoto is a digital tool that allows you to create high-quality videos in a short time and from any mobile device, inspiring students and helping improve academic lessons.

Families' Engagement Activities in Early Childhood Education: The Provider-Guide to Digital Tools for Children and Familie Activities

Early childhood professionals can use the table in the Providers' Guide to Digital Tools to Support Children's Learning to find family engagement activities. Interviews with developers and public sources are what the table is made of. Basic information and a website are included.

The table has specific information such as whether there is a cost for using the tool and the target ages for the tool's information and strategies. The Parents' Guide is a shorter version of the Providers' Guide. The shorter version of the guides is for parents who don't have time to read the Providers' Guide, or who prefer to focus on the highlighted details.

Proceedings 12th International Conference on Digital Education

The flipped classroom is an example of blended learning where online activities are completed outside the classroom and there is more time for discussion in the face-to-face time. The theme of the conference was Digital Education and the programme highlighted some innovative practices in teaching and learning from across the University. The conference website has a lot of conference resources.

Software Development Tools

Professionals need software designing tools to do their jobs. A carpenter needs a lot of things. An auto mechanic needs tools.

A plumbing professional needs tools and equipment. Software developers need the right software planning tools for their work. Software development tools can be things like interpreters that work directly with code, but they can also be tools that make the lives of developers simpler and easier.

A user panel that answers the questions of programmers and sharing knowledge doesn't have a direct influence on the development of a particular piece of software, but it does provide relevant solutions for developers who need answers to vital questions. There are many different places where you can find software development tools. The tools that enable software developers to achieve a specific goal are in the form of the APIs.

The programming tools in the SDKs allow programmers to create software for specific platforms and systems. Integrated development environments allow programmers to create programs in a single environment, test them in the same environment and even deploy them at the right time. The tools that are used during the actual design and testing phases of software development were the only ones that were held by software development tools.

There are software management tools that can be used throughout the life cycle of a software development project. The original software development toolkit might have included a basic text editor, a linking loader, a compiler, and a tool for testing. Tools that can be used during the quality assurance, testing, and deployment phases are more complicated today.

Forensic Software for ESI

The selection of software applications specific to a certain need has given forensic examiners the ability to provide more depth to an aspect. Current forensic software is almost described as point and click applications, compared to early forensic software which was not easy to use. The speed of electronic evidence collection is simply incredible, as compared to any previous year.

The collection of specific information from a computer system is an example of a collection. Smaller and more focused applications may be more efficient than a fully featured forensic suite. Even though there have been improvements in how digital forensic tools and techniques can be used to reduce the time required to work with evidence, there is still an underlying issue of how organization can efficiently manage the data volumes that need to be gathered and processed during a forensic investigation.

There is a need to design a storage solution that can easily adapt to the constantly growing volumes of data that need to be accessed in both real time and near real time. Storage solutions such as an EDW allow organizations to store both structured7 and unstructured8 data in a way that can be easily and dynamically adjusted to changing storage capacity requirements. It is important to remember that there is always the chance of accidentally changing the original data source when working with ESI.

A Low-Code Development Platform for Enterprise Software

There are many forms of development tools like linkers, compilers, code editors, GUI designer, assemblers, and performance analysis tools. The type of the project is one of the factors that should be considered when selecting a development tool. Business can be more innovative, productive, and transparent with the help of the Quixy.

Users can start from scratch or modify pre-built apps in minutes. Verdict: No-Code Application Development platform is completely visual and easy to use.

Businesses can use Quixy to automate processes. It will help you to build a simple to complex application without writing any code. Linx is a low code tool to build and automate applications.

The tool helps to speed up the design, development and automation of custom business processes. GeneXus applications can be easily adapted to changes in businesses and can be deployed to any major platform in the market. The low-code platform of Zoho Creator enables rapid development and delivery of web and mobile applications and helps to build powerful enterprise software applications 10x faster.

You don't have to write endless lines of code to build an application. Eclipse is the most popular programming tool. It is used to develop applications in other programming languages as well as in Java.

Smartsheet: An Agile Online Project Management Suite

Smartsheet is an online project management suite that also has some features for teams that are Agile. You can import any existing data from the kanban board from Microsoft Project, Microsoft excel, or Trello, if you set up a pre-built template. It is ideal for teams that are Agile as it ensures optimal project deliveries through an adaptive work process and automation to save time and keep visibility on projects.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to help make estimates so you can plan for a more accurate view of your sprint capacity and monitor velocity. Everything is in one place so you can reduce the amount of work and improve efficiency while grooming the back-end. You can collaborate with ease and deliver value faster with Forecast, it integrates with the tools you love, such as GitLab, and two-way sync with Jira.

An intuitive back-up makes it easy to plan and prioritize work that is user-generated. The teams can set limits on the number of sprints they can take, and view progress in swimlanes. The work can be moved back to the original position.

The project feed gives teams live updates about the project. The meetings module allows teams to schedule meetings. The global timer can be used to start a timer for any work item, while all users can log their hours.

The summary of log hours provided by the timesheet reports are distributed across parameters. The built-in Import Jira wizard can be used to import issues from Jira. Software development teams can use built-in integrations.

Google Classroom, Seesaw and other community based tools for learning

A powerful community based social tool for learning is the Google Classroom. Students can ask questions and get answers from their teachers. Teachers can review questions and lesson materials at home.

It can be used to get feedback from students, and can be integrated with other products. You can learn anything for free with Khan Academy. Lessons are presented in a variety of ways.

Badges are earned in line with achievements and can be saved to their own profile. Khan Academy is a great way to help students who are struggling with certain topics, or to give extra work to gifted students. Seesaw is a learning portfolio application that allows students to document, showcase and reflect on what they are learning.

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