What Is Digital Selling?


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Published: 29 Dec 2021

Digital Selling Training

Digital selling is the process of using digital channels to find, engage and connect with prospective buyers. The goal is to build relationships on digital platforms and turn online connections into offline sales conversations. The result of creating a sales process that is repeatable and predictable is that each salesperson knows what to do when they need to.

The key is to keep it simple so that the sales reps can implement the elements of the playbook. Sales representative types should be considered when creating digital sales training. Each of the sales roles should be tailored for them to go through the training.

Digital Selling: The Role of Social Media in Creating Revenue Driven Business Solutions

Digital salespersons have less time to build a relationship and capture the attention of a prospect. Digital sellers are more likely to win sales if they use their tools correctly. Digital sellers understand the importance of research.

Critical individuals inside an organization can be included in the research. As you research, consider using industry groups, publications, and event organizers who can provide valuable insight into the current state of a business. Today, sellers must have a presence on social media.

As a rule of thumb, Facebook and LinkedIn are both relevant to your industry, and they both give access to a large pool of potential prospects. Depending on your business model and ideal opportunity, you can join both of these platforms. Selecting your platforms and establishing your personal brand are the first things to do in a social effort.

The intention of your presence is the key difference between social platforms for selling and social platforms for socializing. Social sellers realize that their activities and connections are for professional reasons. The right technology tools are needed to support your digital selling effort.

It's easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information available when searching for digital tools. Digital marketing and digital selling are essential to any company that wants to compete in the world today. It's important to understand the differences between the two to develop aholistic approach to revenue driving.

Digital Selling

Digital selling combines sales, marketing, and customer service into one business unit. It helps buyers through the customer journey, resulting in better engagement and closed deals. Digital activities include social selling, data analytics, sales intelligence and automation, customer relationship management, and multimedia presentations.

Digital Selling involves using digital assets and bringing together larger elements in the organization to create content that can help close deals. It involves creating an organizational structure around content and research to measure the content consumption of your customer. Social Selling uses social networks as a means of driving business, while Digital Selling is the creation of an entire ecosystem that uses all of the assets that are occurring both online and offline.

B2B Social Selling

Digital assets are used to identify, engage and drive revenues from buyers. It takes a whole view of the organization to guide buyers through a journey that leads to better engagement and ultimately more closed deals. Digital Selling includes social selling.

It can be defined as hanging out where the buyer is. B2B buyers and sellers prefer social networks to build relationships. B2B sales teams are increasingly thinking of social selling from the perspective of the buyer.

B2B Buyers: How to Lead Digital Selling

B2B buyers are the same people who buy books, gadgets, cars, phones and household items. They also demand highly personalized communication and human touch points, and they self-educate and conduct research independently of any sales input. People who lead digital selling will show buyers that there is a real person behind the brand, one who can answer questions and build social reach.

Social Media as a Foundation for Successful Sales

Social media is a good foundation for successful sales. A study by the research company found that 75 percent of B2B buyers and 84 percent of C-level or vice-president level executives use social media to make purchases. Sales reps are increasingly working with marketing and content development teams to create interesting content that can be shared on social networks like LinkedIn.

It helps them be aware of what works to improve their creative process since they can track the success of clicks, re-tweets, and downloads. Sales reps that use social media have a 3.6 times better chance of meeting a decision maker. Digital selling is getting better.

What is Selling?

Younger people in the profession often ask what is selling and what is the definition of selling. Selling involves a lot of different activities and actions that are dependent on the customers situation and where you are in the sales journey. Reengaging or up-selling to an existing customer is different from selling to a new prospect.

There is no one size fits all when it comes to selling, as buyers now control the whole process. A sales model is determined by the product or service being sold, for example, a low-cost everyday product would be sold via transactional sales model where the seller attempts to secure the sale one call or over a very short time period. A consultative sales model will allow for several conversations to be had over a longer period of time.

The digital era has made selling expectations and activities more relevant in the world of sales strategy. A serious buyer can get access to detailed information about the companies that sell their products. They can narrow down potential vendors without engaging with a salesperson.

Digital Media Marketing

The digital age connects people in ways that were never done before. 7 out of 10 Americans are on social media, so people may maintain friendship across time zones. On social media, 79% of people share life milestones.

Incentives, such as discounts, can be a motivator. Some of your customers may choose to share your brand because it is in line with their beliefs, which will allow them to take a more public stance on values and issues. Having your post shared by a brand is an exciting motivation to mention a brand, especially when you are at a significant event, as consumers realize that brands often encourage and share content from their customers.

Digital media platforms help get feedback from customers. Digital media can be an effective and cost-effective form of advertising if you use preset metrics. When used correctly, paid media can expose your brand content to a wider audience.

A good marketing agency can use paid media and pay per click to get customers to your website. Digital mediadvertising can offer significant and measurable results, which is a benefit to your marketing strategy. Digital marketing is about getting specific information about products or services and target audiences so that ads can be placed in the most efficient and effective way for maximum profitability and return on investment.

NFTs: A Digital Asset

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects. They are bought and sold online frequently with cryptocurrencies and are usually made with the same underlying software as other cryptocurrencies.

An Example of Digital Marketing Strategies for Online Video Marketing

You need to decide which marketing channels will help you achieve your goals. If you want to make more sales, then you should run paid campaigns on Facebook and Google. Offline marketing channels have to do with digital devices that are not connected to the Internet, while online marketing channels only have to do with the Internet.

Once you have a website, you need to come up with a digital marketing strategy to promote it and get more traffic and customers. The difference between a content marketing campaign and a blog is that the latter has specific goals as to what content to publish and when to publish it, who to target, and how to monitor the effectiveness of the campaign. As you go deeper into social media marketing, you can use it to get leads or even as a direct sales channel, even if you're only trying to establish brand awareness and social trust.

If you have a product or service that you want to promote online, you should consider setting up an affiliate program where people can sign up and find resources and material they can use to promote your products. A lot of users are turning to YouTube before making a buying decision, learning something, or just to relax because it is the second most popular search engine. Video marketing can be done through a number of channels, including YouTube.

There are many video marketing platforms that can be used. When the video is used as part of your other campaigns, the return on investment is justified, even though running a solo video campaign can be costly. The offline digital marketing channels are not suitable for all companies.

A small business can't afford to advertise on TV or electronic billboards. Digital marketing managers and small business owners often make a mistake by trying to execute everything at once and not getting results. Although each and every digital marketing strategy is different, you can read below an example to understand how all marketing channels can work towards a common goal.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is easier to start out with. You can connect with people on multiple channels. You can have conversations with them in real time so you can answer their questions and overcome their objections.

Digital marketing is quicker. The days of massive print runs are over. You can send an email campaign out on the same day.

Do they want to hear from you daily or weekly? Or do they want to hear about other topics? You can segment your customers to make sure they hear from you when and how they want.

Digital Marketing with the Phone

Digital marketing is the act of selling products and services through various channels. Digital marketing is any form of marketing that involves electronic devices. Though cable TV ads are harder to target the right audience, have a low return on investment compared to other forms of digital advertising, and seem irrelevant in the digital age, there is one type of tv ad that may still be worth it.

Every 10th person in the United States has a subscription to the internet video service, and the $200 billion that companies spend on TV commercials is not justified. If you want to use text marketing for your business, you should first get permission from your customers, but there are other providers that do it at scale. You can use the camera on your phone to make a barcode, just like you used to do with a specific app.

Online Courses: A Free Way to Make Your Own Music

A product is any item that you can sell to someone else for cash or barter. It could be a piece of produce, an electronic device, or a couch. Digital products can be turned into physical products.

Many people buy e-books in PDF format and then print them on their computers. The product was in digital format when it was first created. You can use the time and money you save on creating digital products to make new products for your customers.

Spend your money on marketing and advertising. An online course is just like an in-classroom course except that you teach online via text, video, and audio assets. The material you want your customers to learn is what you want them to learn in the modules.

Customers can take your course in their own time, without having to worry about meeting deadlines or stressing themselves out. You can make courses at different price points. The popularity of e-books is growing.

More than 220 e-books were sold off virtual shelves in 2015, and experts think that e-books will eventually take over physical books in terms of sales. You can make your own music and sell it. Creatives can be freed up by the freedom to explore their own musical talent and retain creative control over their output.

Social Selling

Social selling is when salespeople use social media to interact with their target audience. Successful social sellers can be seen as thought leaders by prospective customers as they provide value through industry insights, sharing expertise and offering solutions to common consumer questions through creating or sharing insightful content. The idea of social selling was first brought to the attention of the University of British Columbia in 2005 when they discovered that there were similarities between buyers and sellers.

Customers can find out a lot more about a product or service from each other, with a few clicks of a mouse, thanks to the increased voice of the people in today's connected digital world. The internet is the best at selling because it has relationships. It offers the chance to establish trust with existing and potential customers and ultimately drive sales.

The eBook Publishing Market

The ePublishing segment is expected to show annual growth rate of 4.5% and a projected market volume of $32 million by the year 2025. eBooks will be the largest market segment with a projected sales volume of US$15,6m.

The Rise of NFTs

The NBA is selling highlight videos. Artists are using them to sell their works. Musicians are using them to retain their royalties.

The CEO of the company is using them to sell something. NFTs are a new type of token in digital media. They have boomed in recent months thanks to the sudden embrace of almost all corners of the art, entertainment and media worlds.

People are buying. The piece of art sold by Christie's was the first NFT-linked digital art. A digital collectible card of soccer star CR7 sold for more than $300,000.

John Legere paid almost a million dollars for a piece of NFT art. Top Shot is a digital pack of cards that have been in high demand. Buying a pack means you own the NFTs connected to those cards.

The ownership is tracked on a criptocurrency. You can show your cards online. NFTs have become something of a hobby for people looking to make money from the recent hype.

Holistic Marketing

Aholistic marketing is the concept of inbound marketing. It considers the goal first, then looks at the available tools to determine which customers will be reached, and then at which stage of the sales funnel that should happen. There are exceptions to every rule.

A B2C company with a high-ticket product might offer more serious and informative content. Your strategy needs to be geared towards your own customers. There is no consistent rule for ranking highly in the internet.

It's not possible to make exact predictions because of the constant changes of the algorithm. You can make adjustments to your page based on your performance. Content marketing is designed to attract leads that will eventually convert into customers.

It does not do the same things as traditional advertising. It offers value for free in the form of written material, instead of trying to get people to buy a product or service. Content marketing is effective, but it can be difficult.

Content marketing writers need to be able to rank highly in search engine results while also engaging people who will read the material, share it, and interact further with the brand. Strong relationships can be established when the content is relevant. Social media marketing is about engaging people in discussion online.

Robust Online Business from the Digital Economy

In fact, gig workers, people who sell products or services on a temporary or project basis, made up 34% of the US workforce in 2017, and that number is expected to grow to 43% by 2020. The global population is expected to hit 7.8 billion by 2021, and 65.2% of that number will be online buyers in the next few years. If you build a robust online business out of those products, you can potentially sell your company for a tidy profit.

Physical products, which may have been paid for by waiting customers, are just as vulnerable to fire, water, and smoke damage as any other part of your house. The most important edge of a digital product is that it never leaves your control. An online course that retails for $400 on your store is far better for your bottom line than ebook for $40.

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