What Is Digital Nasional Berhad?


Author: Richelle
Published: 27 Dec 2021

Digital Transformation: A Challenge for the Government

DNB will act as a neutral party that will allow other licensed telecommunication companies to focus on the latest technologies to develop innovative retail services as service offerings to consumers, enterprises and even the Government. The savings of the deployment can be passed on to the end users. The digital ecosystem is in a constant state of renewal because of the emergence of new technologies.

One of the most important features of a plan is that it can't stay static for too long. The authorities must constantly update the national policies, initiatives and planning to keep up with the times. The authorities need to be guided in observing the latest trends of the digital sectors, adapting the best practices of the world, and evolving the way of doing things.

The 5G Project

The 5G deployment will require an investment of 15 billion dollars over the next 10 years. There are no further details at the moment, but it is said that the amount will be funded by the private sector.

The DNB 5G Spectrum

The 5G spectrum will be assigned to DNB, a single government-owned special purpose vehicle, which will build and manage the national 5G network. DNB will be used by other companies to offer commercial 5G services. The MCMC believes that the single-entity approach will allow all of the telcos to access 5G and that they can focus on improving their existing 4G services and fibre networks under the JENDELA plan.

The cost of 4G infrastructure roll out in Malaysia

The 4G spectrum was allocated to the operators at minimal charges, unlike in most countries where such spectrum were auctioned by governments, which is why there are views that the 4G infrastructure has not been rolled out nationwide. The Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit director-general is Dr Yusof Ismail, as is the former Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission chief, Dr. Mohamed Tarmizi. Marshall says the price tag for the 5G roll out is inclusive of operations and maintenance costs as well as capital expenditure or cost of equipment over a 10-year period.

The SWN: A New Structure for the Internet of Things

The potential gains are clear. An SWN is not an alien concept. It is a structure that will lead to more innovative mobile products and lower prices for consumers.

DNB and 5G

The Government could lose trillions of ringgit if DNB fails in its plans to roll out 5G.

Total Telecom provides the information and research needed by the Global Communications industry. The leading communications link between end users and vendors, carriers and resellers of telecommunications technology and services is it.

COVID-19: The Challenge of Online Education

Formal classroom learning has been suspended for almost 5 million children nationwide since mid-March 2020. COVID-19 has greatly accelerated the need for it, as the digitisation of education is on-going. It has been found that access to online education is a challenge for low-income households. The implementation of online learning is difficult because of low device ownership.

MSD 2020: A New Educational Programme for MBA Students

During the period of 18 to 24 November 2020 through the official Facebook page and YouTube channel, MSD is broadcasted daily. Cikgu CEO, Makan Dulu, Sembang-Sembang ASNB and the ASB-Iclif MBA Masterclass Series are some of the educational programmes that viewers can expect.

Openbills: An Aggregated Payment Platform for Payfo

Openbills is an aggregated payments platform that is open to both corporations and consumers and is able to make bulk payments and receive rewards for doing so through Joy, another application within the Payfo stable which is an agnostic loyalty programme.

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