What Is Digital Gold In Icici Bank?


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Published: 15 Dec 2021

Digital Gold

Purchasing physical gold is the most obvious way to invest in gold. You can purchase gold jewellery or gold bars and coins. Safe-keeping and storage are a major hassle, and physical gold is the go-to investment option.

Most people prefer storing gold in bank lockers, which costs annual fee. You should be careful when buying physical gold because of things like making charges and purity. You can now purchase gold in digital format some banks.

It is similar to buying physical gold, but you only have to pay for it on paper. Digital gold is an excellent choice for people looking for the best way to buy gold with a minimum investment amount. Digital Gold eliminates the need for you to worry about purity.


Gold is a shiny yellow metal that is relatively inactive. The Latin name for gold is aurum. It is one of the heavier metals, with a specific gravity of 19.4 more than twice as heavy as silver or lead. Gold is resistant to oxidation and other changes which diminish the brilliance of other metals.

Gold Loan with KYC Documents

You can get a Gold Loan whenever you need funds for the education of your children, business expansion, working capital requirement, down payment for the purchase of property or automobile, medical emergency, holiday with family, agricultural needs, etc. You can get a gold loan with only your KYC documents. No proof income is required.

Gold Back Offer for Buying Digital gold

The bank is giving a deal on gold. The lender has announced gold back offer of 30 grams for buying digital gold worth Rs 1,000 and more. You will get gold-back in the form of SafeGold balance, which is valid from October 8, 2019.

The bank will return gold to the customer's account within 14 days of the end of the offer. The offer is only valid for 5,000 customers and only on the first transaction in digital gold. If you spend more than Rs 20,000 on gold, you can get a Rs 1,000 reward on your purchase of gold.

ICICI Bank Charge Cards

2. Netbanking for ICICI Bank is much more extensive and sorted than for the other bank. It has choices in various items further down into Transactions, Requests, and Enquiries.

The biggest backer of Mastercard in India is the bank, ICICI Bank. Bank charge cards offer you a wide range of options to deal with your accounts. The offers and advantages of the charge cards are intended to suit the needs of different segments of the population.

You should guard your secret key. The Indian reserve organisation is viewed as one of the phenomenal ones by the people. There are a few plans presented by them that are in line with the desires of the financial specialists.

All transaction charges will be free if they are done online through IMPS, NEFT, internet banking or any other online service. Zero Balance Account holders in ICICI will have to pay a sum ranging from Rs 100 to Rs 125 for all cash withdrawals at its branches. The fee will be charged on the cash deposits that are made at the currency recyclers.

The Dream Gold Plan

The Dream Gold Plan is a fixed deposit scheme where the investor deposits a set amount of money with the purpose of funding the purchase of gold. The plan has two deposit options, a Fixed Deposit and a Recurring Deposit. Customers of the bank can purchase pure gold as an investment option.

The Reliability of the Large Scale Retail Sales System

Digital currency users are uncertain about what regulators will do in the future, so they are more interested in the reliability of the LRS. They use the LRS to invest in digital currencies outside of the Asian country in places with more advanced regulations for the industry. McDonald's opened 270 branches in China that accept the digital currency, although reports indicated that companies like Visa and Nike are also being urged to accept the digital currency.

The HDFC Bank

In 1994, the first branch of the bank was opened in Mumbai. The first significant foreign bank in India to operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of a global bank is the DBS Bank India limited. The Singapore-based multinational banking and financial services organisation is called DBS Bank.

The Development Bank of Singapore was known as The Development Bank of Singapore before it was changed to The Development Bank of Singapore. One of India's Big Four banks is the ICICI Bank. The private Indian development financing organisation is called the ICICI Bank.

It provides a wide range of banking products and financial services to corporate and retail customers through a number of delivery channels. The bank has branches in the United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, and Oman, as well as subsidiaries in the United Kingdom and Canada. The firm is called HDFC Bank.

In terms of assets and market cap, the largest private sector bank in India is HDFC Bank. It is the third largest corporation the Indian stock exchanges. The Housing Development Finance Corporation's subsidiary, the HDFC Bank, was founded in 1994 and is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

The private sector bank is called Axis Bank. It provides financial services to a wide range of businesses. The bank opened an office in Ahmedabad in December 1993 and a corporate headquarters in Mumbai in December of the same year.

Three Safety Principles for Online Banking

Changing your password on a regular basis, keeping your PIN and passwords secret, using a strong password for online banking, and not using public wi-fi to access mobile banking are some of the safety and security rules you must follow. In order to improve the security of customers' bank accounts, ICICI Bank has revealed three safety principles that consumers should be aware of.

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