What Is Communication Theory Pdf?


Author: Artie
Published: 2 Jan 2022

The Nature of Communication

A communication theory is an attempt to explain how and why humans communicate. The study of the nature of communication is a field in and of itself, and can be found in psychology, biology, and philosophy. Communication theories are usually devoted to explaining how one person is able to communicate meaning to another and how the speaker and the listener can understand each other.

Communication is an essential element of culture and other theories focus on the historical and ritual significance. The broad cultural effects of communication may be the focus of these theories. The purpose of communication is important to a given communication theory, but different theorists support different purposes of communication.

A communication theory may be based on the idea that communication is practical and that people can exchange ideas. Communication itself may be examined as an idea that is divorced from the people who are communicating, and will be studied without regard for the exchange between two people. Some theories look at the purpose and basis of communication from different angles.

Communication as an exchange between social beings and communication as an exchange between biological organisms is a division between different theories. Theorists one side argue that an appropriate communication theory does not need to be based in biology because man is a social being that is fundamentally different from other organisms. Theorists on the other side argue that a communication theory can only be useful if it is firmly based in biology.

The connections between human and animal communication are examined by theorists. Communication theory focuses on a few different views of language. The mechanistic view is based on the idea that one person is communicating with another person and they both receive the same message.

Communication through Gesture and Body Movement

Communication is the foundation of life. It is a necessity. Human beings need to communicate.

An individual has to communicate with other people and share his feelings. The leaves start turning brown and start showing withering signs when the gardener waters them. The tree tries to communicate with the gardener that it is dying and needs to be watered immediately.

The universal law of communication theory says that all living beings communicate through sound, speech, visible changes, body movements, gestures or any other method that makes the others aware of their thoughts, feelings, problems, happiness or any other. Like humans, animals communicate with each other through gestures and body movements. The mother tries to communicate that their babies are safe and the mother is there to take good care of them, as Monkeys always carry their babies with them wherever they go.

Social Responsibility Theory

The social responsibility theory was born after many people criticized the free press theory. They found that the free press theory was outdated. The social responsibility theory was started in America.

The approach is based on the media since it was found that most of the people who were benefited were not libertarians. Accountability was held through many means like radio, television, and so on. Mass media was only meant for education and education was the primary purpose.

The media should educate the people rather than give out information. Knowledge promotion was seen as a result of media. People tend to expose themselves to mass mediat a certain percentage.

People assign meaning to mass communication according to their pre-notions, which is calledselective perception and retention. People change their communication style with other people. Communication theory believes the same.

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