What Is Communication Site In Sharepoint?


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Published: 28 Nov 2021

Visual Team Site Design

A communication site on the Microsoft platform is used to publish content in a visually appealing format. It is a new vision of building team sites that has always been at the heart of collaboration. With a smart intranet vision, you can expand the tools to deliver an out-of-the-box experience for extensive internal communications.

A communication site can be launched in a few clicks by using the default templates and selecting the appropriate page layout. The showcase of rich content on the website is lucrative for readers and they provide images and videos to make your content look better. The hero web part is a part of the site design that brings site emphasis and uses visuals to grab the attention of the readers.

The winning team will have exciting content on site in the news web part. The event web part is used to show detail about upcoming events. The document web part shows the default document library, which can be changed easily.

Team Sites

A team site is more for a group of people to work together and the communication site is more for sharing important information.

The Hero Web Part of a Page

The Hero web part can bring focus and interest to your page. You can display up to five items in the Hero web part, and you can add compelling images to draw attention to each. The Hero web part is on a modern page.

News can be used to keep your team in the loop and to engage them with interesting stories. The News Headlines and News List web parts are on a modern page. The Document web part can be used to insert documents on the page.

Users can see the beginning of the document in a frame, and can scroll through the pages or even download the document. Use the Document web part is where more information can be found. You can change the order of web parts on a page, as well as the layout of the page.

Communication and Team Sites

Communication site is used to keep the audience informed about the news, events, and topics within the organization, whereas team site is used to share the information among the users of a team.

Team Sites in SharePoint Platform

What is a communication site in the office suite? A communication site like a SharePoint is a place to share information with other people. The information can be summarized as news, reports, status, events, results, policies, etc.

In the case of a communication site in the SharePoint platform, there will be few contributors to the content but there will be a larger audience who can view or consume it. If you want to work within a team, you can create a team site. Let us say you are working on a project.

You can create a team site if you store all the project related files in one place. The confidential documents will only be made available to those who have access to the team site. The communication site has default web parts, while the other site has no.

If you select the topic, then by default a Hero, News, Events, and Documents web part will be available. There is a Recycle Bin link in the left navigation of the site. The link will not be shown since there is no left navigation in the site.

Home Site Design

A home site is a communication site that you create and set up as the top landing page for all users in your intranet. There are some considerations for your home site. If a news article is only relevant to a specific group of people, you can use audience targeting to find people who are interested in that article.

When targeting audience is enabled, content can be prioritized to specific audiences on the start page, news on the mobile app, and in News and Highlighted contents web parts. News can be used to promote content, milestones, or activities on your site. You can quickly create eye-catching posts that include graphics and rich formatting.

To make it easier to create news articles, consider creating a page template. The most effective sites for the Microsoft Office application help users find what they need quickly so that they can use the information they find to make decisions, learn about what is going on, access the tools they need, or engage with colleagues to help solve a problem. Communication sites should be designed with an effective navigation experience in mind.

Visual Communication Sites in Microsoft 365

You can use Microsoft's SharePoint in Microsoft 365 to create a communication site that is visually compelling. Communication sites are easy to view on any device. To broadcast information to a broad audience, use a communication site.

A communication site usually only has a small group of members who contribute to the site. A team site is the better choice if you want to work with other people on a project. All or most members of a team can contribute to the site, but the information is limited to the team or project and specific stakeholders.

In the top left corner of the page, you can choose the app launcher icon and the tile for the SharePoint Intranet. If you don't see the tile, click the Sites tile or All if you don't see it. If you want to make the process simpler, you can navigate to the hub site and click the create site link in the top right corner.

The new communication site will be linked to the hub site. If you have admin, you can choose a site classification. Sensitivity of information or the life-cycle of information your site are two options listed.

How to Create a Team Site in Office365

Users can create, edit and view documents based on the permission given. Other teams will not have access to the team site if they are not part of the particular project report. A lot of team sites are in Office365 for a large organization.

You need to create separate sites for each team and project in order to imagine how many teams will be in your organization. You should organize your sites like this to make sure that your project information is not lost. It will be easier for your team to manage the permission if they have more than one owner of the site.

If someone leaves the company or leaves the project, the site owner should remove the permission of the user from that site. All users in a team site will have the same access. You can read an article on how to share with external users.

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