What Is Communication Policy?


Author: Lorena
Published: 7 Nov 2021

The Communications Department of the City and its Digital Communications

The City ofCasey is committed to delivering services in line with community needs and expectations and to communicate with key stakeholders through a variety of channels. The Communications Department is responsible for all media inquiries. The Communications Department is the place to go for any questions or inquiries about the council.

It is recommended that the Communications Department of the Council be informed of any media interactions that they have with the media, as they can speak to the media in their capacity as individual Councillors. The CEO is the official spokesman. The manager is referred to as the spokesman for media inquiries of a technical nature.

The Manager Communications may act as an official spokesman for a complex enquire if another employee is unavailable or if multiple departments are involved. Digital communications are an effective way to engage with the community. The City ofCasey strategic objectives are in line with the creation of specific content that meets and exceeds the expectations of a target audience in a specific digital platform.

The views of Councillors and employees are not those of the City ofCasey, and they should not be taken to mean that. When using digital communications in a personal manor, Councillors and employees should avoid speaking on behalf of Council and be aware of speaking about Council, Councillors and employees. It is possible that what was intended for friends and family will end up being seen by a larger audience.

A Social Media Analysis of Privacy Violation and Inappropriate Postings

Employment contracts may need to be updated if a violation of confidentiality or inappropriate postings are found on social websites, such as Facebook and MySpace.

Communication Policies in the Military

The communication policies of employees can be different. The military has a very strict chain of command, and while it is typically mimicked at private companies there is more room for independent decision-making. A communication policy and procedure example is that if a clerical worker has an issue with a coworker, she may be encouraged to communicate it to her supervisor, who may then have discretion to handle it herself or take the issue up further in the chain of command.

Regular progress meetings are typically included in other communication policies. Guidelines for electronic and wireless communication are included in many companies' communication policies. Email is a routine communication method that employers may provide employees with.

It might be a requirement to have the device on during working hours, or other times as instructed. Email policies should explain that emails from work email addresses may be reviewed. There may be restrictions on the types of information sent and the policies governing the use of email lists.

Many companies have had to change their communication policies to address social media, and the policies can range from very strict to very easy to follow. Some companies don't allow employees to log on to social media networks from work, or they may just caution employees not to post work related comments. Other employers may encourage employees to post freely, set certain standards or trust them to follow their own common sense.

It is important to give feedback in a safe way in order to give everyone in the organization a chance to give their input to the company. It can be detrimental to a company to cut off the flow of information from workers. There are a lot of examples of communication policy templates online.

Communication and Relationships in a Multi-Agent System

When you add staff and clients to your system, you can often lead to problems, not the least in terms of communication and relationships.

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