What Is Communication Literacy?


Author: Loyd
Published: 18 Dec 2021

Language Development in Children and Young People

Poor language skills in children and young people can affect reading and writing. Even children who seem to have a language problem in primary school can have literacy difficulties at age 15. It is not surprising that adolescents with language difficulties have poorer writing and reading skills than adolescents with similar language difficulties.

By the time you reach secondary age, vocabulary becomes more complex and there is more language to negotiate. The language skills of inference, comprehension monitoring, and text structure knowledge are critical to understanding what you read. Writing becomes more difficult.

Ensuring ideas are linked in a logical way is a skill that needs skill. The way meaning is conveyed is through words, phrases and clauses. The same way that body language and intonation changes in spoken language can be subtly changed by choosing the right word or sentence structure.

Giving the necessary time to think about the question is important for some pupils who may need up to seven seconds to process it. The links between vocabulary and academic achievement are well known. A visual display of words alongside the ideas and concepts they refer to will provide contextual understanding for students and help support further development in reading comprehension.

Reasoning about Words

According to Vygotsky, the reason words are abbreviated is because the words become abbreviated and distilled until they are all gone. Communication takes place in a context. The context of that rhetorical situation has an impact on how it is communicated.

Writers, speakers, knowledge workers. They have to reason their way out of it because they are there in a moment. Writers share assumptions about how language is used to convey information.

The Hanen Centre: A Canadian non-for profit organisation promoting language, social and literacy development in young children

Communication skills are important for the development of reading and writing. The better a child's language skills are, the easier it will be for them to understand what they read later. Learning is based on literacy.

Children learn best when literacy is integrated into their daily activities. You can use the language that you are familiar with. A child's ability to communicate is related to their literacy development.

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