What Is Communication Journal Article?


Author: Lorena
Published: 9 Nov 2021

Length Limits of Journal Article

Each category has a length limit. "paper" has no limit. The shorter the length limit, the more prestigious it is.

Communication and Public Health

Communication involves the transmission of information. A sender, a receiver and a channel of communication are included. Barriers can interfere with the clarity of the message in the transmission process.

In some cases, public health problems encountered by the community are policy, economic or political related, and no amount of communication would influence change because there is need for a policy or political decision. Communication conveys sensitive and controversial information. It is important that those who are responsible for facilitating information dissemination receive training in handling sensitive or controversial issues so that they don't diminish the potential gains from communication.

Listening is a part of communication. It is not acknowledged during the development of communication interventions. It is important that one does not appear to be impatient or in a hurry in order to listen effectively.

Communication in Teamwork

Reconsider your understanding of what the speaker has said and invite clarification. Responding is an important part of active listening and is especially important in conflict situations. Be aware of how your own feelings, emotions, knowledge, and credibility with the receiver might affect the reception of your message.

Be aware of your body language when speaking. Consider the knowledge and attitudes of your intended audience. Communication challenges are made more difficult by the fact that there are different training background and age.

You want to communicate, organize the content of the message. Make sure the information you are giving out is easy to understand for the audience or the medium you are using. The audience will find language appropriate.

Avoid jargon with patients. There was a blank face. A blank face is a sign that others are not going to notice and is not expressionless.

Many faces have turned their lips and lines of frown lines, making them appear angry or disapproving. In most medical practices, teams do most of the work. Communication within a team requires clarifying goals, structuring responsibilities, and giving and receiving feedback.

A tip: Writing a Review but not invited by the journal website

It's a tip. If you would like to write a Review but have not been invited by a journal, be sure to check the journal website as some journals do not consider unsolicited Reviews. If the website does not mention whether Reviews are commissioned, it is wise to send a pre-submission enquiry letter to the journal editor to propose your Review manuscript before you spend time writing it.

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