What Is Communication Framework?


Author: Artie
Published: 10 Dec 2021

Corporate Communication Strategy Framework

All of the communication in your organization should be in line with your corporate communication strategy. That way, your business can communicate with one another. A framework for corporate communication strategy allows employees to follow directives.

Whether you run a business with two employees or 200, having a corporate communication strategy can help you to communicate with your various audience groups. A framework is a system that helps you put your communication strategy into action. The corporate communication framework definition says that it allows the right information to be dispersed to the right audience by the right communication channel.

It is the foundation for all messaging. The priorities and directives are connected to larger business goals by the corporate communication strategy framework. The framework acts as a map to successful communication.

It does not provide all the instructions for getting to the destination, but it builds the systems required so that employees can navigate to where they need to go. A business has different audiences who have different interests. The same message cannot be shared with everyone.

An effective corporate communication strategy framework requires audience research to understand what kind of information should be shared with each group. There are many parties with whom a business can communicate, including prospects, customers, partners and suppliers. Each group will need to know different types of information and may only be reachable by specific communication channels.

Integration of Multiple Address Book Environments

IT integration is required to make the multiple address book environment work. Sometimes the four different communication tools can talk to each other. Integration is required to enable the communications tools.

Social Responsibility Theory

The social responsibility theory was born after many people criticized the free press theory. They found that the free press theory was outdated. The social responsibility theory was started in America.

The approach is based on the media since it was found that most of the people who were benefited were not libertarians. Accountability was held through many means like radio, television, and so on. Mass media was only meant for education and education was the primary purpose.

The media should educate the people rather than give out information. Knowledge promotion was seen as a result of media. People tend to expose themselves to mass mediat a certain percentage.

People assign meaning to mass communication according to their pre-notions, which is calledselective perception and retention. People change their communication style with other people. Communication theory believes the same.

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