What Is Communication Diagram?


Author: Richelle
Published: 2 Dec 2021

Learning to Draw a Communication Diagram

A communication diagram shows how objects interact. A communication diagram is an extension of an object diagram that shows the objects along with the messages that travel from one to another. Communication diagram shows the messages the objects send each other.

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The communication diagram and sequence diagram are similar. They're equivalent in that they have the same information and you can use it to create a sequence diagram. The communication diagram is arranged in space, while the sequence diagram is in time.

The first message under "EnquireBorrower" is the "CalAmtCanBorrow" message and is given the sequence number 1.1. The second message under "EnquireBorrower" is "Display InvalidMsg" and has a sequence number of 1.2. You've learned how to draw a communication diagram.

It's time to draw a communication diagram of your own. You can get a free software called the Visual Paradigm Community Edition and use it to create a Communication Diagram. It's easy to use.

Sequence and Communication Diagrams

Communication diagrams show the same information, but it is easier to find in one diagram than the other. Communication diagrams show which elements interact with better, but sequence diagrams show which elements are more clear in their interactions.

A Classifier for Multi-Element Interactions

The individual participant in the interaction is represented by the named element. Parts and structural features may have more than one interacting entity. The lifeline is the object of the classifier that surrounds the Lifeline.

The ports of the encloser may be shown separately. A sequence of messages is specified in an iteration. Variation-clause syntax is not specified by the UML, so it could be expressed in pseudocode, a programming language or something else.

Communication Processes in Noises

The communication process has five steps. noise is anything that makes communication difficult. The communication process can be disrupted by noise.

A Comparison of Models for Mass Communication

A model is a representation of a concept. A model of communication shows us a picture of the relationship between elements of the process. A communication model helps us to understand the relationship of the various elements involved in the process of communication.

None of the models are perfect. There are some issues with each model. One is too simplified to ignore some elements, the other is not applicable to mass communication, and the third is not applicable to mass communication.

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