What Is Communication Cadence?


Author: Artie
Published: 7 Jan 2022

Communication in the Drummer's World

Communication is hard when you have a flow. Communication is more difficult and less successful when it is sporadic and unpredictable. As a leader, you are the drummer, creating the right rhythm and flow for your communications. Make sure the beat goes on and your communications will be successful.

Management Round-tables

The management round-tables are useful because they bring a lot of cross-departmental awareness to the group. A person in one department can help someone in another.

The Week of the Week: Email Activity on Saturdays and Sunday

1. The weekend is the worst. Email activity on Saturdays and Sundays is 50% less than on weekdays.

For consumers, Saturdays are better than Sundays, but for employees, Sunday evenings are better. 2. There is no difference between days.

The consumer and employee datasets show Thursdays are slightly better than Fridays. Email activity peaks at 10 a.m., with mornings beating afternoons by a small margin, with a steep fall-off in the after-work commute and after hours. There is a significant amount of employee activity during the morning commute part of the day, but it is still less than the daytime activity.

A Cadence of Communication Model for Ad-hoc Alliance Management

Sometimes crises need immediate attention and need ad-hoc alliance management. You want to avoid ad-hoc alliance management. Setting up a cadence of communication is helpful in avoiding such situations.

The model can be adjusted for your alliance. You can add dates, be more specific about agenda items and attendees, and add other useful elements to the model. You can make the layout your own.

Listening to Your Speech

You can make an audio recording of your speech by listening. If you are making changes to your cadence that will help deliver your message, then listen to what you say.

Why Do Some Sales People Get Cold?

Have you ever wondered why some sales people are cold? Your initial conversations went well and the prospect showed a real interest in your company, product, or solution. What happened?

It's as simple as a break in communication to cause a prospect to lose interest. Their interest is not the reason for their lost trust. A new prospect is not different from any other relationship.

Think about the process of dating someone new. It can be fun to meet someone new. After a small talk and flirting, you agree to talk again on a specific date and time, and exchange phone numbers.

You broke their trust, from the perspective of the prospect. It takes time to fully develop trust in a new relationship. A new relationship has a limited history based on the way you communicate.

If you break the rhythm you will lose their trust. It's hard to reestablish trust once it's fractured. Find out where they work from your contact.

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