What Is Communication Between Persons?


Author: Lisa
Published: 7 Nov 2021

Interpersonal Communication

When men began to exchange ideas, Interpersonal Communication came to be. Interpersonal communication is a type of communication in which people communicate their feelings, ideas, emotions and information face to face. It can be either verbal or non- verbal.

Interpersonal communication is more than just what is said and received, but also how it is said, body language, and facial expression. The sender and receiver are referred to by the communicators. The sender and receiver are the people who receive the message.

At least two people should be able to send and receive a message for Interpersonal communication to occur. It is conveyed through a variety of means, including speech, facial expression, body language, tone of voice, gestures and other verbal and non-verbal means. The non-verbal means can give additional information such as the person's attitude and interests.

Communication happen through a channel. The message is received and sent. It is referred to as the medium through which the message is sent.

Relational Lysical Behavior

Most people want their relationships to involve close connections. The theory of relational lysical argues that a relationship can't last unless the people involved are alone. A loss of individual identity can be caused by an excessive reliance on a specific relationship.

The costs and rewards of sharing information are predicted to be the reason why people decide to risk self-disclosure. A partner asserts a one-up message which the other partner responds to with a one-down response. It is likely that the relationship is not only compatible, but also synergistic.

Symmetrical exchanges occur when one partner's assertion is countered with a reflective response, or when one partner's assertion is met with a one-down response. It is likely that the relationship is also symmetrical if there are frequent symmetrical exchanges. If someone holds the belief that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, but still eats junk food, they will have cognitive dissonance.

They may experience a difference between their beliefs and actions. If there is a lot of disgruntlement, they may be motivated to work out more or eat better food. They may be inclined to avoid situations that bring them face to face with their inconsistent attitudes and beliefs, by avoiding the gym and stepping on their weighing scale.

Individuals can choose their experiences in several ways, including seeking only information that is in line with their beliefs, paying attention only to information that is in line with their beliefs, and so on. There are three types of cognitive relationships, according to cognitive dissonance theory. Consonant relationships are when beliefs and actions are in balance.

Communication with a Partner

Most couples have a basic misconception of what communication is about, which is one of the biggest problems in communicating. Most approach talking with a partner as a debate in which each presents a preconceived version of the reality of what is going on between the two partners. Communication is used to determine reality.

Communication involves the collaboration of two people as they share and examine all of their feelings, thoughts and ideas to come to an accurate understanding of what is happening. Rule #1 to follow is to disarm your partner. Give up the need to be right.

You are not going into a battle to win. Each of you can be sure that your own thoughts, feelings and perceptions are what you bring to the conversation. Talking about yourself is more difficult than you might think.

It is unfortunate that in almost all couples one person is the victim. The focus of their discussions is on blaming each other. If you want to talk about yourself, avoid attacking, accusing, and blaming your partner.

You don't have much knowledge of what your partner really thinks or feels during a conversation. You may think that you know what he-she means when she is hurt. You might have had a heated exchange.

Cell Phone Ringtones

The noise can interfere with normal decoding of a message. noise is not bad but it can affect communication Your cell phone ringtone may be a welcome noise to you, but it may interrupt the communication process in class and bother your classmates.

Interpersonal Communication Skills

At any time of life, emotional awareness can be learned with patience and practice. You can learn how to manage difficult emotions and feelings by learning how to get in touch with them. You can communicate more clearly and effectively if you know how to do this.

Looking into the eyes of the person you are talking to can make the interaction more successful. Eye contact encourages your partner to be interested in you. Interpersonal communication is the kind of communication that takes place between two people with different communication methods.

The community has been brought closer and as a family by the advancement of the communication medium. Interpersonal skills are skills that are used in a group setting, but not in a person's own mind. Positive internal dialogue occurring within the mind is what leads to an appropriate reaction and attitude.

People use meditation, prayer, visualization and Affirmations to sort out situations and evaluate proposals. The first step to improving your skills is awareness of your inner dialogue. Athletes, actors and musical performers use visualization to prepare them for an event and give the best performance they can.

Mental preparation skills are more important than physical skills. Mental skills and attitude are important for a top performance. Once the basic techniques are mastered, visualization techniques can be learned in special workshops and courses.

Emotional Awareness in Communication

Communication is dependent on feelings. When communicating with other people, emotional awareness will help you succeed. You will communicate better if you are aware of your emotions.

Communication in Relationships

Communication is the transfer of information from one place to another. Communication allows you to explain what you are going through to someone else. Communication helps to meet your needs and also helps you to be connected in your relationship.

You will be able to have more control over what happens when you are aware of how you communicate. It may not be easy at first, but opening up new areas of communication can lead to a more fulfilling relationship. You could take a course that is relevant to your relationship.

Communication in Mathematical Languages

Humans use a variety of methods to convey information. Communication can happen in a closed setting or in a large public forum. All forms of communication require the same basic elements: a speaker, sender, message, and audience.

Communication can be successful if the sender and recipient share a common language. A study of communication often examines the development and structure of language, including the mathematical languages used in computer programming. Communication is the process of passing information from sender to receiver with the information understood by the receiver.

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