What Is Communication And Language?


Author: Albert
Published: 16 Nov 2021

Language and Communication

Communication and language are different yet they exist at the same time. The Collins Dictionary defines language as a system of written and sound symbols that people of a region or country use for writing or talking. Sending and receiving messages, either by verbal or non-verbal methods, equates to communication.

Language is an essential part of the communication process. The fact that communication is intertwined with language is a reason why some people don't see the difference. Someone should send a message to another person and someone should receive it.

The sender and receiver have to understand the message to get its meaning. Messages are conveyed through feedback. Non-verbal actions like nodding, sighing, and looking away can be feedback.

The situation is different if a person can see or hear the sender of the message and the receiver can hear the response immediately. Communication is a process that involves many variables, like situations, different genre, medium and method of delivery. Language is affected by personal, cultural, institution and organizational aims.

Some people don't understand that there is a fine line between language and communication. The communication system that depends on verbal and non-verbal methods is called the language. Two people are exchanging information or messages.

Languages in the ears

Over time, languages have been passed down through generations and eventually into a written record. Language is open to change and occurs in the ears. The written form is an unchanging set of material that others can learn to communicate in and it is therefore a vital aid to global human communication.

Communication in a Community

Communication refers to the interchange of information from one person to another. Language is a human communication method that allows two people to communicate. It is used in a community to convey a message to each other.

Language is the sole medium of communication between two people, through which they can communicate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It is aimed at making sense of complex and abstract thought. Different languages are used by people in different areas or in different communities.

Communication is an act of changing ideas, information or message from one person to another, through words or signs which are understood to both the parties. Communication is important for the organisation because it is a principle that allows members to work with each other. It flows in a variety of directions.

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The Role of the Receiver in Communication

Communication is the exchange of information between two or more people. Communication is always composed of 4 important elements. The person who is sending the message is known as a transmitter.

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