What Is Bail Jumping?


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Published: 11 Dec 2021

The Law of Bail Jumping

When people are released on bail, they are given the option of going to court on an appointed date to face trial. People are released on bail so that they can go about their daily lives without having to wait for the trial to start. Conditions are usually set with bail.

The accused may have to stay in the area, refrain from being associated with certain people, and so on, in order to pay the bail. If someone is released on bail but fails to show up for court, the judge can issue a warrant for their arrest. Some regions allow bail bondsmen to hire bounty hunters in the event of a bail jumping because bail is often provided by a bail bondsman who puts up the bail in exchange for the understanding that the money will be returned when the accused attends court.

The bounty hunter is looking for the person who evaded bail and was able to get them in on the warrant. Anyone can pay for someone's release from jail. If you couldn't afford the amount of bail, you would go to a bondsman.

Paying the bail for small crimes is usually not a problem, but for larger crimes it can be a problem. There are many countries in the world that don't have treaties with the US. Most countries that don't have a treaty are not the places that the average American would want to live in.

How to Change a Court Date When You're Out on Bond

When you are released from jail on bail, there are certain requirements you have to follow. You have to appear in court on your assigned date and time. Failing to do so is called bail jumping.

It is a serious offense to bail jump. If you fail to appear at your court date, you may lose your bond, face additional charges, and possibly lose your chance to be allowed to go free. If you have a good excuse, some judges may allow you to change your court date.

It is difficult to change a court date when you are out on bond, but it is possible. Some people were able to change their dates due to a wedding, funeral, or other significant date coming up the day of their court date. If you missed your court date because you forgot, lost a car, or were arrested for something else, you need to get to the courthouse as fast as possible, because there is a warrant out for your arrest.

It's very difficult to get bail jumping forgiven if you missed a court date. One way to get your absence excused is to show up to the court as soon as possible. If you don't have a car, you can call your bail bond agent and ask for a ride.

A Miami Criminal Defense Lawyer Against Bail Jumping

A bail jumping offense includes not showing up for court, not surrendering within a certain number of days, and not paying bond. If you're a no-show, bail forfeiture can be one of the consequences. You will still have to face charges, and you might even face additional charges.

If you are shown to be innocent of the original charges, that is not a defense against bail jumping charges. If you are in contempt of court, the judge may issue a bench warrant for your arrest. You may be arrested and taken to jail at any time with a bench warrant.

If you can show that circumstances beyond your control prevented you from showing up for the court date, you can argue that you were not responsible for the situation. You have 30 days to surrender after jumping bail. The process will be easier if you take action sooner.

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Bail Jumping and Caller Identification

There are two different types of bail jumping charges. The jumping can be a crime. The original cause for arrest is what determines how a criminal is charged.

People who have families that depend on them are less likely to be flight risks. The same goes for their community ties. They are less likely to leave behind things that are associated with them.

A photo ID card will show that the client is who they say they are. It can be used as a proof address when accompanied by a lease or mortgage. Potential clients will be asked their phone numbers early in the application process.

If you want to verify that the phone number is linked to a person, you should have them call your business line or another one with caller ID. It can take a few weeks for you to receive a forfeiture letter, so you should wait. The longer you wait to follow up, the more likely the client will be to leave.

The Bad and the Dumb: A Fine for a Misdemeanor

It's bad to bail on a felony case. It's even more foolish to fail to appear for a charge. You have to face the original charge and bail jumping charges.

The hunt is on after you jump bail

The first time you were arrested is when you were arrested. You were booked, bail is set, you get a bondsman and bail is paid, and you are free for a while. The hunt is on after you jump bail.

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